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The Mummy Movies List

Thereee are a lot of movies related to Egyptian Mummies and here is the best Mummy Movies list.

The Mummy 1932 Story

The Mummy (1932)Egypt 1921. A British archeological expenditure lead by Sir Joseph Whemple (Arthur Bryon) has unearthed the remain of Im-Ho-Tep, high priest of Egypt. He had been condemned and buried alive for sacrilege against the gods. Also found in the tomb is the “Scroll of Thoth“, which carries with it a deadly curse. When a young archeologist reads aloud from the scroll, he inadvertently brings the MUMMY back to life.

Egypt 1932. Ten years after his father’s failed expedition, young Frank Whemple (David Manners) has returned to conduct his own dig. Along the way, he meets the eccentric and mysterious Ardeth Bey (Boris Karloff), who helps direct him to the final resting place of Princess Anck-es-an-Amon.

Fueled by the public’s interest in ancient Egypt (ala discovery of King Tut (aka TUTANKHATEN) in 1922) and following the birth of two highly successful horror franchises with “Dracula” (1931) and “Frankenstein” (1931), Universal decided to bring “The Mummy” to the silver screen. First-time director Karl Freund (“Metropolis”, “Dracula) built upon his strengths in cinematography in bringing to life “The Mummy”. Karloff, just as he had done in “Frankenstein“, crafted a villainous character that even the audience could feel sorry as his searches for lost love. This film should be celebrated as another masterpiece in horror movie history. The first and still the best mummy movie!!!!

As the scene flashes back to modern Cario, we meet the very beautiful Helen Grosvenor (Zita Johann), who is the living incarnate of the Princess. She instantly catches the eye of both Frank and Ardeth. While using his dark powers, Bey tries to lure her into an eternal union of living death. Only with the help fame occultist Dr. Miller (Edward Van Sloan), can Frank have any hope of saving Helen and stopping the MUMMY. The Mummy in 1932 is the first movie under The Mummy Movies List

The Mummy Movie 1959 Story 

The Mummy (1958)Egypt 1895. As British archeological team begins to enter the lost tomb of Princess Ananka, high priestess of Carnic, when they receive a warning for a local (George Pastell), “He who robs the graves of Egypt dies“. Brushing it off as mere superstition, they enter anyway. While inside, Stephen Banning (Felix Alymer) reads from the “Scroll of Life” bringing to life the mummy, Kharis. Now frozen in a state of delirium, Banning is sent home and his son, John (Peter Cushings) is left behind to seal the tomb.

When Hammer acquired the rights to remake the classic monster movies from Universal, they quickly jumped on the Dracula and Frankenstein franchises. In 1959, they decided that “The Mummy” would be the next film to go before the camera and handed the reins over to their masterful director Terrance Fisher. This film succeeds on all levels and is rich in color, atmosphere, music and story. Hammer was able to take the best parts from the original film and mixed in the mythos of Kharis from the sequels to make a highly entertaining film. Both Lee and Crushing are excellent as always, and Hammer makes “The Mummy” a real winner!!!!

Three years later while recovering in a mental institute, the elder Banning awakens from his nightmares and warns that the mummy will be coming for revenge. Passing it off as delusions of a sick man, John neglects his father’s warnings. He finally realizes the truth when he witnesses the mummy murdering one of his father assistants, Joseph Whemple (Raymond Huntley) and now knows that he is next.

While studying Ananka, John discovers that Kharis (Christopher Lee) had been her servant and lover. He had been buried alive when he was found trying to bring the Princess back from the dead. At the same time, he realizes that his young wife Isobel (Yvonne Furneaux), is the living incarnate of Princess Ananka. Could this be the weakness that John needs to defeat the indestructible MUMMY???

The Mummy 1999 Story 

The Mummy (1999)It is the time of the Pharaohs and Seti sits at the throne. At his right hand resides Imhotep, (Arnold Vosloo) high priest of Egypt, who has fallen in love with the Pharaoh’s mistress, Anck-Su-Namum. This forbidden passion leads the two to conspire in killing the Pharaoh.

Anck later commits suicide knowing that Imhotep can bring her back from the dead. Deep in the night, he steals her body taking it to Hamanaptra, the City of the Dead. As he attempts to raise her soul from the dark reaches of the netherworld in burst the King’s guard. Condemned for sacrilege, he is buried alive along with his followers sentenced to eternal damnation.

Fast forward to Egypt in 1923, where a battle between good and evil is being waged. French Foreign Legionnaire Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraiser,) while trying to fend off nomad maunders, stumbled upon the ruins of Hamanaptra and barely escapes with his life. Several years later, he is rescued from near execution by a beautiful Egyptologist named Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) and her brother Jonathan (John Hannah). They commission him to take them to the City of the Dead and the adventure begins.

The race is on as Beni (Kevin O’Connor), a former companion of O’Connell, leads a team of American treasure hunters to Hamanaptra. Thereee the Meji, descendants of the King’s bodyguards, watch over these transgressors. Unfortunately, not heeding their warnings, Evelyn reads aloud from the “Book of the Dead” awakening the “bringer of the dead”.

One by one, those that desecrated the tomb fall victim to its’ curse, as Imhotep seeks to reunite with his lost love. His attention then turns to Evelyn, who is the living incarnate of Anck-Su-Namum. As the 10 deadly plagues rain down on Egypt, can O’Connell save Evelyn and defeat the MUMMY???

Moving away from the traditional approach of the genre, this modern incarnation is more Indiana Jones, than MUMMY. After many years in development with names such as RomeroBarker, and Carpenter attached to the project, director Stephen Sommer delivered an action-packed visually driven film that is definitely a highlight for 1999. Encompassed in the action is a solid and well-rounded storyline that is entertaining while providing a strong foundation for the upcoming sequel in 2000. Do yourself a favor watch all three of these fantastic films and make your MUMMY happy!!!. Also, we are expecting more movies and we will add the latest movies under The Mummy Movies List.