Cabin Fever Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Cabin Fever Movie

Cabin Fever is a 2002 Hollywood horror comedy film co-written and directed by Eli Roth. Cabin Fever was released in the United States on September 12, 2003; it landed at No. 3 during its opening weekend, grossing $8.3 million. Here you will find the details of Cabin Fever Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 2003
Genre: Virus
Director: Eli Roth
Screenwriter: Eli Roth, Randy Pearlstein

Cabin Fever Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Ro = 7 / 10;
Ellis= 6 / 10;
Ryan= 4 / 10;
Simran= 3 / 10


As in many teen horror movies, some college students rent a cabin in the woods to party! However this time the party will be compromised by the appearance of a deadly virus.


Having heard good things about this movie, I remember being very disappointed the first time I watched. The flesh-eating virus idea is a pretty innovative concept, and the overall movie is quite funny to watch too, but that does not compensate for the ultra-basic scenario and the highly predictable action. Pretty much all the things that you expect to happen actually happen at the exact moment you expect them to happen. It got better for me on the second watch, because I knew what to expect and concentrated on the fun of the gore instead of the story but still, despite being entertaining, the movie failed both time at captivating me. I would say that this just another “teen in a cabin” movie…

Cabin Fever (2003) Cast:

Rider StrongRider StrongPaul
Jordan LaddJordan LaddKaren
James DeBelloJames DeBelloBert
Cerina VincentCerina VincentMarcy
Joey KernJoey KernJeff
Arie VerveenArie VerveenHenry (The Hermit)
Robert HarrisRobert HarrisOld Man Cadwell
Hal CourtneyHal CourtneyTommy
Matthew HelmsMatthew HelmsDennis
Richard BooneRichard BooneFenster
Tim ParatiTim ParatiAndy
Dalton McGuireDalton McGuireLemonade Boy
Jana FarmerJana FarmerLemonade Girl
Dante WalkerDante WalkerShemp
Jeff RendellJeff RendellFake Shemp
Brandon JohnsonBrandon JohnsonRay Shawn
Charee DevonCharee DevonCadwell’s Crush (as Cherie Rodgers)
Bill TerrellBill TerrellHappy Wednesday Band
Richard TerrellRichard TerrellHappy Wednesday Band
Jeff EvansJeff EvansHappy Wednesday Band
Michael HillMichael HillHappy Wednesday Band (as Mike Hill)
J.K. GodboldJ.K. GodboldHappy Wednesday Band
Giuseppe AndrewsGiuseppe AndrewsDeputy Winston
Richard FullertonRichard FullertonThe Sheriff
Phil FoxPhil FoxEvil Deputy
Gabriel RothGabriel RothShooter #1
Donald Lee Hall Jr.Donald Lee Hall Jr.Shooter #2
Jeremy A. MetcalfJeremy A. MetcalfShooter #3
Christine Renee WardChristine Renee WardThe Hog Lady (as Christy Ward)
Michael HardingMichael HardingShotgun Casey
Julie ChildressJulie ChildressBeautiful Wife
Eli RothEli RothJustin / Grim (as David Kaufbird)
RockRockDr. Mambo
Noah BelsonNoah BelsonGuitar Man
Doug McDermottDoug McDermottHarmonica Man
Matthew CappielloMatthew CappielloTroubadour (as Matt Cappiello)
Jessica MassermanJessica MassermanWinston’s Date
Paige HunterPaige HunterUnderage Girl
Gino VincentGino VincentCerina’s Brother
Shiloh StrongShiloh StrongRider’s Brother
Darcy MartinDarcy MartinShiloh’s Girlfriend (as Darcy Jo Martin)
Jay AasengJay AasengSir Chug-a-Lot
Matt SchwarzMatt SchwarzThe Bad Influence (as Matthew Schwarz)
Jessica ElderJessica ElderCat Hat Girl (as Jessica Shortkoff)
Mark MorseMark MorseShocked Guy
Heather SimmonsHeather SimmonsShocked Girl
Dean MassermanDean MassermanMr. Mom / The Victim
Sam FroelichSam FroelichDoctor #1
Tom TerrellTom TerrellDoctor #2
AnonymousAnonymousThe Bunny Man (as We will never tell)
Evan AstrowskyEvan AstrowskyHelpless Bystander
Mark SchwarzMark SchwarzHospital Attendant
Shana SchwarzShana SchwarzHospital Hottie
Joe AdamsJoe AdamsKiller
Adam J. RothAdam J. RothThe Happy Bald Guy (as Adam Roth)
Jeffrey D. HoffmanJeffrey D. HoffmanThe Victim (as Jeff Hoffman)
John NeffJohn NeffThe Victim
Nancy NeffNancy NeffThe Victim
Michael ReardonMichael ReardonThe Victim
Glenn WeisbergerGlenn WeisbergerThe Victim
Roy T. WoodRoy T. WoodThe Victim (as Roy Wood)


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