Cabin Fever 2 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Cabin Fever 2 Movie

Sequel to the horror hit from Eli Roth, Cabin Fever, the next installment of terror finds that the flesh-eating virus has found a way to spread. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever is a 2010 Hollywood horror/comedy film about a deadly flesh-eating virus that spreads into a high school prom. Here we will provide the details about the Cabin Fever 2 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Comedy, Splatter
Director: Ti West
Screenwriter: Joshua Malkin, Randy Pearlstein, Ti West

Cabin Fever 2 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Ro = 4 / 10;
Ellis= 7 / 10;
Ryan= 7 / 10;

Cabin Fever 2 (2010) Synopsis:

The deadly flesh-eating virus is back and contaminates the water supply of the local college on the eve of prom night.

Cabin Fever 2 (2010) Review:

With this second opus, the Cabin Fever franchise changes its director from Eli Roth to Ti West, but keep the same concept: teen comedy, lots of gore and wacky humor.

Whereas Cabin Fever 1 was set in the overused “cabin in the woods” setting… Cabin Fever 2 goes for the second most overused cliché setting in horror: prom night (ex-aeqo with Halloween night maybe).

As in the first movie, there is an avalanche of extremely disgusting scenes, this movie being even better than the original one in that matter. Purulent dick, pus, bloody piss, puke, huge zits, rash, skin infection… you have it all in that movie.

I gave this second movie a better rating than the original Cabin Fever, mostly because I found this one a lot more fun, with better jokes, and very entertaining to watch overall. It is also very short and has a fairly decent “infection” scenario. Even though they were probably added because of limited budget and to make up a longer movie, I liked the carton bits, I thought they fitted quite nicely and added some good story elements.

Overall, I was nicely surprised by what I expected to be a crappy sequel to the first movie that I didn’t particularly enjoy. By far my favorite movie of the franchise.

Cabin Fever 2 (2010) Cast:

Rider StrongRider StrongPaul
Noah SeganNoah SeganJohn
Alexi WasserAlexi WasserCassie
Rusty KelleyRusty KelleyAlex
Marc SenterMarc SenterMarc
Giuseppe AndrewsGiuseppe AndrewsDeputy Winston
Mark BorchardtMark BorchardtHerman
Michael BowenMichael BowenPrincipal Sinclair
Judah FriedlanderJudah FriedlanderToby
Larry FessendenLarry FessendenBill the Water Truck Driver
Amanda JelksAmanda JelksFrederica
Thomas Blake Jr.Thomas Blake Jr.Rick
Angela ObererAngela ObererMs. Hawker
Taylor KowalskiTaylor KowalskiDarryl
Alexander Isaiah ThomasAlexander Isaiah ThomasDane
Lindsey AxelssonLindsey AxelssonSandy
Lila LucchettiLila LucchettiKaren
Caitlin CoonsCaitlin CoonsMary
Andrea PowellAndrea PowellLucile
Regan DealRegan DealLiz
Michael L. NesbittMichael L. NesbittJohnny the Janitor (as Michael Nesbitt)
Marvin CooperMarvin CooperBus Driver
April TurnerApril TurnerLady in Diner
Randy BernardRandy BernardRoad Block Officer
Gabrielle TuiteGabrielle TuiteJune
Stefani WallaceStefani WallaceTopless Limo Girls
Mary Katherine WhiteMary Katherine WhiteTopless Limo Girls
Ozzy AlvarezOzzy AlvarezThe Bunny Man Mascot
Mirna BenitezMirna BenitezProm Chaperone
Wendy RosoffWendy RosoffProm Goers – Olivia
Alesandra ShultzAlesandra ShultzProm Goers – Jenny
Jamie Rae HulickJamie Rae HulickProm Goers – Taylor
Britney GalidoBritney GalidoProm Goers – Patty
Anderson BoydAnderson BoydAdditional Prom Goers
Abby BroadwayAbby BroadwayAdditional Prom Goers
Amber NannAmber NannAdditional Prom Goers
Adam HassanAdam HassanAdditional Prom Goers
Brenden DonovanBrenden DonovanAdditional Prom Goers
Michael J RobertsMichael J RobertsAdditional Prom Goers
Sanethia DreschSanethia DreschAdditional Prom Goers
Lisa HellenLisa HellenAdditional Prom Goers (as Lisa Hellen Sackerman)
Ira MenardIra MenardAdditional Prom Goers
Cathy HernandezCathy HernandezAdditional Prom Goers
Brandon Nikia WarrenBrandon Nikia WarrenAdditional Prom Goers
Scott ParksScott ParksAdditional Prom Goers (as Raymond Scott Parks)
Kevin HallKevin HallHazmat Team
Conway MurphyConway MurphyHazmat Team
Reggie ReganReggie ReganHazmat Team
Robert CovingtonRobert CovingtonHazmat Team
Alexander AdamsAlexander AdamsHazmat Team
William J. CollinsWilliam J. CollinsHazmat Team
Ricky CannonRicky CannonHazmat Team
Raymond ShepardRaymond ShepardHazmat Team
Joe SwanbergJoe SwanbergHazmat Team
Stephanie DrapeauStephanie Drapeau‘Echo’ the Stripper
Jonathan SacharJonathan SacharSam the Truck Driver
Patrick DurhamPatrick DurhamOffice Manager – Lucas
Jesus DelgadoJesus DelgadoStrip Club Patrons
Mario RamosMario RamosStrip Club Patrons
Josiah AuthierJosiah AuthierStrip Club Patrons
Tanner WileyTanner WileyStrip Club Patrons
Steve JosefsonSteve JosefsonStrip Club Patrons
Justin MilleyJustin MilleyStrip Club Patrons


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