Black Christmas Full Movie Details

Black Christmas Full Movie Details

Black Christmas Full Movie Details (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Slasher
Director: Glen Morgan
Screenwriter: Glen Morgan, Roy Moore

Black Christmas (2006) Rating:

Rowan= 4.5 / 10;
Ryan= 2 / 10;
Andy= 2 / 10;

Black Christmas (2006) Synopsis:

A group of sorority girls are all snowed-in during a severe blizzard. Unluckily for them, they are stranded in a house that belonged to a deranged killer, who just broke out of a nearby mental hospital and is coming home.

Black Christmas (2006) Review:

The travesty that is the remake of Black Christmas is beyond mind-numbingly bad that it was seriously painful to watch. Thereee is a lot of stupidity shown by the characters with no development to them whatsoever. The plot is extremely predictable and just doesn’t cut it to what the horror genre needs in rehashed horror films. The death scenes tried to be grotesque but it was a lot of splatter, off-scene techniques that required no creativity or decent special effects. The actresses in this movie had potential but the writing and directing was so dumbed down that they didn’t have a chance in putting forth reasonable roles that could be expected.

Thereee is a lot to hate in this film, which include the new back-story, the character’s decision making, the lazy attempt of scary death scenes, the bogus script, the phone ring-tones (we get it, it’s Christmas), and especially the hospital scenes at the end. It’s nearly the exact opposite of Clark’s original masterpiece and is definitely a one and done view for a fan or horror.

Black Christmas (2006) Cast:

Katie Cassidy as Kelli Presley
Michelle Trachtenberg as Melissa Kitt
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Heather Fitzgerald
Lacey Chabert as Dana Mathis
Kristen Cloke as Leigh Colvin
Andrea Martin as Barbara MacHenry
Crystal Lowe as Lauren Hannon
Oliver Hudson as Kyle Autry
Karin Konoval as Constance Lenz