Black Christmas Full Movie Details

Black Christmas Full Movie Details

Black Christmas Full Movie Details (1974)

Release Date: 1974
Genre: Slasher
Director: Bob Clark
Screenwriter: Roy Moore

Black Christmas (1974) Rating:

Dylan = 10 / 10;
Eloise = 10 / 10;
Raoul = 9 / 10;
Andrew = 10 / 10.

Black Christmas (1974) Synopsis:

A group of girls prepares themselves to spend Christmas at their college house when strange calls and a mysterious disappearance comes to spoil the fun.

Black Christmas (1974) Review:

Black Christmas is a masterpiece of horror and my favorite slasher horror movie of all time! I hope that’s enough said to make you watch it if you haven’t already.

Like in so many 70’s classics such as Halloween, the film starts on a pretty slow tone, but carefully builds a super-tense atmosphere. The best feature of that film is the killer itself, we barely get to see him during the film, but that makes it even better for we then keep imagining the worst. This early ancestor of Scream also has incessant and stressful music, great actors and above all, great characters. Until the end, it will keep you on edge and gets truly scary toward the end.

Since it doesn’t rely on special effect to scare its viewer, this movie hasn’t, and probably never will, grow old. It really stands the comparison with modern film in terms of the scare. As the movie finishes, it leaves you with that uneasy feeling that someone is behind the door waiting to slaughter you. Terrifying!

Black Christmas (1974) Cast:

Olivia Hussey as Jess Bradford
Keir Dullea as Peter Smythe
Margot Kidder as Barbara “Barb” Coard
John Saxon as Lt. Kenneth Fuller
Marian Waldman as Mrs. MacHenry
Andrea Martin as Phyllis “Phyl” Carlson
James Edmond as Mr. Harrison
Douglas “Doug” McGrath as Sergeant Nash
Arthur “Art” Hindle as Chris Hayden


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