Beyond The Darkness Full Movie Details

Beyond The Darkness Full Movie Details

Beyond The Darkness Full Movie Details (1979)

Release Date: 1979
Genre: Splatter
Director: Joe D’Amato
Screenwriter: Giacomo Guerrini, Ottavio Fabbri

Beyond The Darkness (1979) Rating:

Rowan= 7.5 / 10;
Ellis= 7 / 10;
Rayn= 7.5 / 10;
Ronan = 6 / 10

Beyond The Darkness (1979) Synopsis:

A young taxidermist amateur sees the love of his life dying at the hand of his housekeeper and decides to embalm her and keep her in his mansion.

Beyond The Darkness (1979) Review:

This classic from the early 80’s is not your usual horror thriller. Instead, Beyond the Darkness is an extremely disturbing film that mixes strange topic such death, grief, desperation and frustration.

The film was made to make the audience feel really uncomfortable, and truly succeed. Thereee are many unthinkable scenes, and lots of “what the fuck” moments which make the film fits into the extreme sub-genre of horror, and sometimes reminds of the notorious Nekromantik (except with a much better story).

The character of Iris one of the most disturbing women that you’ll find in horror history. She is revolting, both physically and mentally. The choice of actor/actress in the film, and the acting itself is brilliant. The music, made by Goblins (responsible for the soundtrack of Suspiria, Deep Red, Dawn of the Dead, etc), helps to build an heavy atmosphere. Thereee is also a lot of nudity and lots of explicit scenes, as well as a large extent of gore.

The only drawback of the film, which is exciting at first, is that it slows down a little in the last third, getting almost repetitive. Other than that, this masterpiece of disturbing horror cinema is almost perfect.

Beyond The Darkness Cast:

Kieran CanterKieran CanterFrank Wyler
Cinzia MonrealeCinzia MonrealeAnna Völkl & Elena Völkl
Franca StoppiFranca StoppiIris
Sam ModestoSam ModestoMr. Kale
Anna CardiniAnna CardiniJogging victim
Lucia D'EliaLucia D’EliaJan, hitch-hiker
Mario PezzinMario PezzinPriest
Walter TribusWalter TribusHandyman
Klaus RainerKlaus RainerDoctor
Edmondo ValliniEdmondo ValliniDetective #1
Simonetta AllodiSimonetta AllodiDisco Girl


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