Check Out The List Of Asian Horror Movies

Asian Horror Movies

If you are a Horror movie lover and want to know the Asian Horror Movies List then you can find in the below-mentioned article.

List Of Asian Horror Movies

The Untold Story

The Untold StoryChan Chi Leung (Anthony Wong) is a restaurant owner who has a unique way of disposing of those who get in his way. Human Meat Roast Pork Buns anyone, mmmm. The imagery in this film is very disturbing, yet quite effective. Wong is outstanding as the repugnant and insane murder, who you can never truly hate, but rather feel sorry for. He actually won the 1993 Hong Kong Award for Best Actor in this role. Superstar, Danny Lee, stars as the police chief who is smart enough to overlook the bumping behavior of his homicide squad and figure out what’s going on. The funniest scene occurs when the “Bunman” informs the police that those deliciously roasted pork bun he gave to them weren’t filled with pork.

This movie is both overly gory and very funny, but purely entertaining. The balance is amazedly well kept in this horror gem from Herman Au. If you loved “Silence of the Lamb”, this far better. Extremely gory. See who get the last laugh in the end. Buy it or rent it today.

The Untold Story 2

The Untold Story 2Samo Hung stars in this HK horror classic as a man caught in a supernatural battle between two wizards. “Courageous” (Hung), a man who will take on any dare, is charged with the murder of his own wife. Little does he know that she is having an affair, and with the help of her rich lover faked her own murder.

Her lover than hires an evil Taoist wizard (Chan Lung) to depose Hung and the fun begins. Luckily for him, Samo is saved by a good wizard (Chuan Fa) who eventually engages in a magical duel with his evil sibling. The end fight scene is truly amazing as Hung and his opponents are possessed by a number of Chinese deities. This one you don’t want to miss. Cited as the first hit HK movie to combine ghosts and kung fu.

A Chinese Ghost Story

A Chinese Ghost StoryA hapless scholar (Leslie Cheung) is sent to a small town to collect taxes along the way he runs into his share of zombies, wolves, ghosts, and the worlds longest tongue. Then while battle the supernatural forces with the help of a strange Taoist monk (Wu Ma), a female ghost (Joey Wang) is thrown into the mix. Love, love, love, which usually makes me sick in horror movies, doesn’t in this one.

The tenderness of this spirited relationship filled with the stunning supernatural action makes “A Chinese Ghost Story” a must-see for any true horror fan who is looking for love in all the wrong place. The movie’s climax is beyond words. Followed up by two sequels that are on my list of movies to see. Get this movie.

Directed by Ching Siu Tung and produced by one of my new favorite directors, Tsui Hark (pronounced Choy Hok). have you had enough of the chainsaws, shotguns, and mask? Do you want a horror movie without this world (literary) action, characters you can care about, and high production value?? Well, look no further, because you got to watch “A Chinese Ghost Story“.

Laboratory of the Devil

Laboratory of the Devil StoryThe story of the Japanese unit 731 who was stationed in Manchuria during World War II. They were notorious for performing grotesque experiments on innocent Chinese and Korean citizens in the name of world conquest. This unit was the Japanese equivalent to Joseph Miguel.

Thereee’s a little tragic love story here to add substance, but this truly a gore driven film. Be prepared, because even the strongest stomach may become queasy. I hear “Man Behind the Sun” (the first film in this series) is far better than this sequel and the one that followed, so I have to watch it. I found this movie interesting at the least, but not great. This type of movie is at the opposing end of the Chinese spectrum of horror from a film like “A Chinese Ghost Story“. Films like this one have entrenched in purely shocking you. This not saying that there isn’t a need for this type of film, but I am still searching for one. A must-see for all gorehounds.

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