Anatomy Horror Movie Information

Anatomy Horror Movie Information

Anatomy Horror Movie Information (2000)

Anatomy (2000)Rating:

  • Dylan = 7 / 10;
  • Eloise = 5 / 10;
  • Raoul = 5.5 / 10;

Anatomy (2000) Synopsis:

Paula is a brilliant student who enters in a notorious medical school. As she starts to work on corpses, an acquaintance of her appears on the practice table.

Anatomy (2000) Review:

German horror movies with medical student…that sounded cool at first and indeed, there are a few interesting ideas but overall, this wasn’t the movie of the year. I was actually quite disappointed not to see much more medical horror. Apart from a few scenes and maybe the end, there is actually not so much horror and the film is more a morbid thriller.

This film which sounded so innovative at first ends up being like every other teen slashers, with the hot whore, the virgin chick that meets a guy, etc. The end is however quite surprising and leave the viewer with a good impression of the film. The German touch is also enjoyable for it changes a bit from the usual US “cliché”.

So I had mixed feelings over this film, or instead no feeling at all. I cannot find many arguments why it was bad, but I did not enjoy it more than the average either…watch it on a rainy Sunday evening and it should entertain you! It is ok, but I decided personally not to watch the sequels…

Anatomy (2000) Cast:

Franka PotenteFranka PotentePaula Henning
Benno FürmannBenno FürmannHein
Anna LoosAnna LoosGretchen
Sebastian BlombergSebastian BlombergCaspar
Holger SpeckhahnHolger SpeckhahnPhil
Traugott BuhreTraugott BuhreProf. Grombek
Oliver WnukOliver WnukLudwig (as Oliver K. Wnuk)
Arndt Schwering-SohnreyArndt Schwering-SohnreyDavid
Andreas GuentherAndreas GuentherFranz (as Andreas Günther)
Antonia Cäcilia HolfelderAntonia Cäcilia HolfelderGabi
Rüdiger VoglerRüdiger VoglerDr. Henning
Barbara M. AhrenBarbara M. AhrenFrau Henning (as Barbara-Magdalena Ahren)
Werner DisselWerner DisselPaulas Großvater
Gennadi VengerovGennadi VengerovPräparator
Thomas MeinhardtThomas MeinhardtProfessor in München