Best Horror Movies to Watch With Your Girlfriend

Thereee are a lot of horror movies that you can watch. Out of all, it is really hard to identify, which are the best horror movies. Also, it becomes tough to identify Horror Romantic movies that you can watch with your girlfriend. Here we have come with the list of all the best horror movies to watch with your girlfriend.

Best Horror Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend

Sinister, 2012

Together with the family, a detective author settles in a small town, in a house where a chilling tragedy unfolded almost a year ago: all its dwellers were killed. The writer accidentally finds videotapes that are the key to the mystery of the crime. But this was a bad decision: terrible things begin to happen in the house, and now the lives of his loved ones are threatened. They are faced with something there is no salvation from…

Ringu, 1998

A young female reporter is investigating a mysterious superstition about a deadly videotape. The one who watches it gets a phone call, and a little later he is found dead.

After her niece apparently dying the same death, the reporter decides to take up the investigation, and she watches the ill-fated cassette. A little later she hears a ring…

The Skeleton Key, 2005

Caroline has discovered a secret room in the attic, with many mystical objects in it. The hostess claims that things belong to the former owners who were engaged in black magic. Soon, Caroline becomes a witness to rather strange and inexplicable events and decides, by all means, to unravel the secret of the mysterious room…

Silent Hill, 2006

A young mother, desperate to find a cure for the mysterious illness of her daughter Sharon, refuses to send her to a psychiatric hospital. Together with Sharon, she goes to Silent Hill, a city whose name her daughter constantly repeats in her dreams. But when they drive up to an abandoned city, a mysterious figure appears on the road. Rose tries to slow down the car, yet they’ve got into a car accident… When Rose wakes up, she discovers that Sharon is missing. Check out other classic horror movies at!

Mirrors, 2008

After a series of horrific events, the protagonist of the film, Carson, is hired by the night watchman of the burnt-out ruins of the Mayflower department store. What was once a symbol of prosperity and luxury is now slowly collapsing in the dark, like a rotting ghost ship, ravaged by a gigantic fire that swallowed up many innocent lives.

The Shining, 1980

The main character, Jack Torrance, came to an elegant, secluded hotel to work there during the off-season, along with his wife and son. Torrance has never been here before. Or was he? The answer lies in the darkness that is to be discovered. This classic is better to be enjoyed in the company of a person you love; if you don’t have one, then check out these chat dating rooms. Don’t miss out!

The Others, 2001

Grace’s children suffer from a strange disease: they cannot tolerate direct daylight. When three new servants appear in the house, they must learn the vital rule: no sunlight should get into the house; they cannot open one door until the previous one is locked. The strict order established by Grace will be challenged. Grace, the children, and those around them will take a decisive, fatal step.

El orfanato, 2007

Laura has spent the happiest years of her life in an orphanage on the coast. Her favourite caregivers replaced her parents, and her friends replaced her brothers and sisters. Thirty years later, Laura returns to her childhood home with her husband and seven-year-old son. She wants to restore it and open it to all new little visitors. However, the heroine was struck by the changes that occurred with her own son.

From a cute boy, he turned into a little monster with cruel fantasies and dangerous games. She is sure that the old house is at fault, concealing a hidden threat. Gradually, pictures of the past emerge in Laura’s memory and reveal a terrible truth to her…

Mama, 2013

Two girls were found in an abandoned hut deep in the forest. Somehow, they lived in an empty house for five years. The found orphans are taken away by their only relatives, a young married couple. But the girls are not alone; they have a mother, and she comes from the darkness…

Ju-on, 2002

Many years ago, a tragedy occurred in this house: a man killed his wife, and the fate of their six-year-old son Toshio remained unknown – the boy disappeared. When dying, the unfortunate woman cursed the murderer and the place where she met death.

Now the fierce ghost brings death to all who dared to approach his possessions, and the death of the family now living in this house was only a link in the chain of bloody murders and mysterious disappearances.


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