964 Pinocchio Full Movie Details

964 Pinocchio Full Movie Details

964 Pinocchio Full Movie Details

964 Pinocchio (1991) Rating:

  • Raoul = 7 / 10;
  • Ronan = 3 / 10

964 Pinocchio (1991) Synopsis:

In a futuristic world, Pinocchio horror is a sex slave that was thrown into the street by his owner because of his inability to maintain an erection. He is befriended by a criminally insane, memory-wiped, homeless girl. Meanwhile, the corporate entity who manufactured and sold him plots to kill him because of his malfunction.

964 Pinocchio (1991) Review:

Finding the words appropriate to describe Pinocchio 964 is very difficult. Bizarre would be too weak and absurd not rewarding enough. Instead of a movie, Pinocchio is more like travel, or a trance, into a psychedelic world of madness, gore and sexual deviance. The film is also very gross, which for example a 15 min puking scene. The way colors, strange music, constant screaming, and disgusting textures mixes all together somehow gives to this film a rather “artistic” aspect.

Pinocchio 964 was made to mess with your emotions. For me, the two that were the most easy to identify were compassion and dizziness (well, the latest may not be an emotion but anyway). Compassion because the pain and sadness of this poor Pinocchio guy is well described and communicative. Dizziness because of all the gore, gross, an also the way the film is shot, with its alternate of long uncutted scene and really short close ups that really make you…sea-sick.

The story, which in this type of “artist” films usually doesn’t make much sense, is here surprisingly entertaining and the sci-fi concept of this sexual slave being released in nature is interesting. The only problem was that sometimes the film is so messed up that one can hardly keep track of what is happening.

All this makes Pinocchio a very unique film. Recommended to those who like twisted Asian cinema like “Tetsuo” or “Rubber’s Lover”, or those that enjoy psychedelic tales such as “Eraserhead” from Lynch.

964 Pinocchio (1991) Cast:

Haji SuzukiHaji SuzukiPinocchio 964
Kôji ÔtsuboKôji ÔtsuboNarishima
Kyoko HaraKyoko HaraHisho (as Kyôko Hara)
Rakumaro San'yûteiRakumaro San’yûteiTaichô
Kôta MoriKôta MoriShimada
Tomio WatanabeTomio WatanabeHosa
Anri HayashiAnri HayashiYôjo
Kyôko IrohaniKyôko IrohaniMeido
Michiko HaradaMichiko HaradaKangofu
Yûko FujiwaraYûko FujiwaraKangofu
Yoshimitsu TakadaYoshimitsu TakadaKanja
Naoshi GôdaNaoshi GôdaGaki
Takahiro HosoyaTakahiro HosoyaMichi Yuku Otoko
RankoRankoRaburî A-ko


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