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When it comes to online piracy, some websites take the game to a whole new level. XfilmyWap is one of those websites and in this article, I’m going to tell you how it does piracy & how badly it affects the entertainment industry.

Yup! XfilmyWap is completely illegal!

In case you didn’t know, Xfilmywap is one of those illegal websites that distribute content on their platform without owning any rights of it. This a direct violation of the Copyright law of India.

It does piracy using multiple websites & in multiple forms. Thereee are also a few clone websites of XfilmyWap that serve the same purpose as the original one. Overall, the network has grown pretty strong.

How does XfilmyWap spread piracy?

XfilmyWap spreads piracy in multiple ways. Thereee is one platform that allows users to stream movies online. Thereee is another platform that allows users to download movies in multiple resolutions. Here is a list of content types that are illegally uploaded,

As mentioned earlier, on different platforms, users have the option to either watch or download the content mentioned above.

How XfilmyWap is affecting the entertainment industry

If you can watch or download the movie without paying a single penny and that too within a few days of its release, will go to the theaters to watch the movie again? Most of the time the answer to this going to be ‘No’. That’s exactly what’s happening by having access to piracy on websites like XfilmyWap.

Thereee is a lot of people out there who are using this method to watch movies & that lowers the ticket sales by a large margin. So, the movie makers end up making way less money and, that’s not a small amount that they lose. This affects the production houses & thousands of their employees. A very similar thing happens with the makers of online web series’.

You may also be breaking the law

It’s not just XfilmyWap or similar piracy websites that are breaking the law. You may also be guilty of that. Downloading or watching pirated content is illegal too. If you do that, you’re also violating the law & you will need to face punishment if you get caught.

  • You may need to spend a good amount of time in Jail. In India, this can be up to 3 years & the minimum period is of 6 months (for movies).
  • Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a ton of cash as a Fine. In India, it can be up to 2 lakhs & the minimum amount is 50 thousand rupees(for movies)

So, if you thought that you’re out of the woods, that’s not true. If you get caught, you’ll also face the consequences.

Piracy is a digital disease, stay away from it

Just like a disease affects the human body, piracy is affecting the industries & the internet. It’s a disease of the digital days. So, for your own good & the good of the others who are a victim of piracy, stay away from it. This will help to create a cleaner internet & a better society.


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