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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

When it comes to the piracy of Hollywood dubbed movies, iPagal is one of the most popular names on the internet. Though the content base here isn’t that widespread, it still has a pretty large impact on the movie industry. Especially the Hollywood movies that get released in India get highly impacted.

Thereee is absolutely no way for iPagal to be legal & it isn’t!

Just like the other piracy websites, iPagal is illegal too. As you can probably guess by now, iPagal doesn’t have any rights to the content that they upload on their website. This means they are violating the Copyright law of India directly. The variation isn’t that widespread in this case but, it still a lot.

The Hollywood content base of iPagal

The available content doesn’t have a lot of variety to it. it mainly has two types of Hollywood movies available on its platform. These are,

However, the number of available movies on the platform is actually pretty high. So, it does actually impact the movie industry.

iPagal’s bad impact on the movie industry

As you can already guess, iPagal mainly impacts the Hollywood movie industry. Their box office number goes down in India & it also reflects on the global box office. So, the overall popularity of the movie drops too.

However, the Indian movie industry also takes on several side effects. The Indian departments of the movie company lose a lot of money so, there is a massive business loss. Also, sometimes because of low ticket sales, the next part of the movie may never release in the country. So, people who want to see that movie in the theater will never get the chance. One way or another everybody faces the effects.

Do you download from iPagal? Stop today!

Downloading pirated content from iPagal or any other piracy website is illegal too. So, if you do that, you’re violating the law as well. If you get caught downloading pirated movies, you can face any of these consequences,

  • You may need to pay a cash penalty of a minimum of 50K Indian Rupees. This can go up to 200K.
  • You can get sent to prison as a punishment for at least 6 months up to for 3 years.

See the consequences you can face? Stop downloading pirated content & you’re safe.

Reject piracy & help create a better industry & cleaner Internet

Piracy harms millions of people every day. Some working in the industries & some victims of their own temptation of downloading or spreading pirated content. Piracy isn’t good for anyone & we don’t need it in our lives.

So, learn to reject piracy & pass the knowledge you got here to your loved ones & all the people around you. Ones everyone leave their temptation & learn to reject piracy, it will lose its purpose to exist. That’s how slowly but, effectively we can stop piracy forever.


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