Best Casino Related Movies That You Should Watch

Best Casino Related Movies: The casino and gambling industry has been a part of every civilization since the dawn of time. This industry helped shape the future of some cities, inspired a lot of writers and movie directors, and changed people’s lives.

Best casino related movies
Best casino related movies

In today’s article, we are only interested in the gambling movie category, just because they have an inherent drama, action, and twists that will keep you on your toes until the last minute.

Over the years, we’ve seen many movie blockbusters that the main premise of the film is focused on gambling or casino, and in today’s article we will highlight all the big names that didn’t come short in the movie scene like the top 10 shortest players in the NBA –

With that said, let’s jump into the list.

The Gambler – 1974

This is a true story movie where James Toback, based his screenplay on his own gambling addiction. The Gambler is a movie that will teach you a lot of things about the gambling industry, including self-control, and all the problems you should avoid.

In the movie, his actions drag him deeper and deeper into trouble, even to that point where he argues that the fun of gambling is losing. It is a drama movie that is very interesting to watch.

The House – 2017

Since most films in this niche are serious, it is time to spice things up with a comedy. Even though gambling is a serious topic in most circumstances, this movie is absolutely hilarious and will make you laugh as you follow the journey of a regular family entering the casino business.

With Will Farrel and Amy Poehler as the main actors, you already know what kind of movie we are talking about. They are starting an illegal gambling business just to pay for their daughter’s college tuition.  As expected, things will go sideways and there will be a lot of fun, action, comedy, and drama.

Ocean’s Eleven – 2001

It is hard to believe that Ocean’s Eleven is already a 20-year-old movie, but still one of the best casino robbery movies that everybody loves. This is a non-gambling movie that is based on the casino robbery of a gang that specializes in such action.

Danny Ocean and his crew target three Las Vegas casinos and plan the biggest robbery of all time. This is a huge blockbuster that has a couple of twists that nobody expected. Combine that with some casino action, flashing lights, glamor, and amazing acting, and you’ll get an adrenaline-infused action that is fun to watch a couple of times.

Molly’s Game – 2017

Here we have another true story movie played by Jessica Chastain, as Molly, who is a brilliant young female that knows how to capture the attention of men and make money. She starts her journey running games for her millionaire boss, after quitting her job and starting her own games.

The casino and gambling business that she starts grows so much that it gets the attention of authorities, as Molly is prosecuted for organizing an illegal gambling ring. This is an incredible movie that is hard to believe to be a true story.

The Gambler – 2014

A little gambling can never harm anybody, but Jim’s character pushes things too far. With Mark Wahlberg playing the main role of a literature professor who enjoys playing some blackjack as a hobby.

After his addiction spirals out of control, Jim ends up owning over $200,000 to some gangsters after a couple of unlucky sessions on the tables. The rest of the movie is all about trying to get back on the horse and short out his troubles.

And just like most casino movies, it ends up with a single spin on the roulette table that can declare Jim’s future. It is a really good movie that will keep you on the edge at all times.

Final Words

These are some of the most exciting and fun to watch casino-related movies. All of them are filled with thrilling action, uncertainty, shocking twists, and huge adrenaline spikes tanks to the beauty of gambling.