Four Must-Watch Romantic Movies on Netflix 

Romantic Movies on Netflix 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may want to get into the spirit by watching a few romantic movies this month. We are certain that Valentine’s night will be a perfect night for live TV viewings, as our favorite channels broadcast some classic romanticist movies to fit in with the mood and aesthetic for the day. For live TV viewings, make sure that your TV aerial is fully functioning. Click here for TV aerial installation.

However, one night may not be sufficient for the romantic movie connoisseurs and couples, so we thought, why not highlight a few films that are available to watch whenever you want on the market-leading streaming giant, Netflix. This will be sure to make navigating your way through Netflix’s large pool of romantic films a whole lot easier. Stay tuned as we jump right into four must-watch romantic movies on Netflix.  

Dirty Dancing 

It is only right, to begin with, the extremely popular 1980s classic, Dirty Dancing. The Houseman family takes a trip to a summer resort, and as youngest daughter Francis, more recognizably known in the film as Baby, decides to wander off and do her own thing, she becomes integrated with a group that involves the resorts dance staff and instructors. As she attempts to help an individual in need resolve an extreme conflict, Baby finds herself paired up with the resort’s most acclaimed dancing instructor, Johnny in an attempt to step in for a show. The iconic duo, portrayed by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, develop a progressively quick bond, and the film itself is extremely heartfelt as we watch two individuals from extremely different backgrounds fall in love. With disobedience and conflict along the way, this romance blossoms into one of the greatest bands in romantic film history.  

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What Happens in Vegas 

Hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas would be a dream come true, especially when a wild trip with your best friend turns into three-million dollars. Not much could complicate that, could it? Well, throw a drunken mistake into the works and you have one huge complication. Jack and Joy, played by Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz decided to hit the wildest part of Nevada with their two best friends following mishaps at home, and in the need of a great escape from reality. As the strangers meet following a fault in the hotel room booking system, they end up having a crazy night in Vegas which results in the pair tying the knot.

After setting divorce plans straight, Jack ends up hitting a three-million-dollar jackpot with Joy’s quarter, and the only way the couple can split the money is if they attempt their marriage for at least six months. Through mischievous plans to throw each other off of the completion of attempting the marriage, and more importantly the money, love eventually wins in the end in this hilarious must-watch romantic movie.  

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

If you are looking for a modern-day, teen rom-com film, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is certainly the movie title you should be clicking. This Netflix film has become increasingly popular since its release in 2018, so popular in fact that an additional two films have been created following the success of the first installment! The film is centered on Lara Jean, a shy yet kind high school student, who decides to confess her admiration for several love interests, one being her older sister’s ex-boyfriend, through a collection of letters she has addressed to each recipient.

However, the letters have all been unnaturally stored away in her closet. When her younger sister gets her hands on them, she mischievously sends the letters to their addressees. Lara Jean is very much oblivious to the situation until one of her love interests approaches her in school. You can very much imagine how the rest of the storyline pans out with these letters now out in the open however, not all is bad as she eventually finds herself romantically involved with a letter receiver! Head to Netflix now to catch this must-watch romantic movie to find out who, click here for more.  

Bride Wars 

This hilarious film centered around romance and the special day is still a popular hit, even though it was released around thirteen years ago! Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are pretty much born for the roles of Emma and Liv, two childhood best friends who have planned out their dream wedding at the Plaza Hotel for as long as they can remember.

As the pair are proposed to on the same day, the planning begins and the duo set their dates with the well sought-after wedding planner, Marion St. Claire. Events take a sharp turn when a large issue arises and their weddings are mistakably booked on the same day. Turning against one another, the friendship is broken as Liv and Emma begin to sabotage one another to ruin each other’s big day. Don’t fret, because although love and romance do not always last at the end of this film, true friendships always come out on top.