5 Best Bollywood Betting and Gambling Films

Bollywood Betting and Gambling Films

With an average production of more than 2,000 movies annually, the Indian film industry stands out as one of the best in the world. The industry’s quality, which is popularly referred to as Bollywood by some, is not only because of how many movies it produces but the unique way it goes about it. The ability to blend music and dance moves into different scenes is a major reason the industry stands out globally.

For many who have gotten involved, you will discover that sports betting is increasing in India. To get the strategies right, many individuals consider movies that have their plots centered around betting. From these movies, they can learn about different games to play, the best methods to employ, and how to maximize their wins.

Having said that, what are the top 5 Bollywood movies that every bettor in India should create time to watch?

1. Jannat

Released in 2008, Jannat stands out as one of the best Bollywood movies about betting. The movie is centered around a major character known as Emraan Hashimi, who intentionally depicts the average Indian interested in sports. The movie tries to explain Indians’ obsession with cricket and how it drove certain acts like match-fixing.

Emraan started as a young lad who wanted to find a way to earn some side cash for himself. This led him to be a card player before he got into illegal betting on cricket matches. He didn’t spend long as a bookie before becoming a match-fixer. The intricacies and attention to detail of this movie make it one of the best out there.

2. Teen Patti

Teen Patti first premiered in 2010 and starred one of the industry’s best – Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan, in the movie, was portrayed as a sound mathematician who taught mathematics at the highest level. After a while, he decided to apply his knowledge of mathematics to card games, particularly teen Patti. He didn’t stop applying his mathematical knowledge to games but also created a school of thought around it.

Bachchan imparted his ideologies of card games to students who employed similar tactics and won games. If you are looking to be mathematical about your bets, especially if it has to do with table tennis predictions today, this is one movie you should watch.

3. The Great Gambler

Considering that this movie was released as far back as 1979, you might be wondering why it still makes the list of some of the top gambling movies to watch. Several reasons why The Great Gambler has stood the test of time include;

  • It is reputed to have one of the most expensive cast lists of its time.
  • It was shot in multiple locations, including Cairo, Rome, Lisbon, and Venice.
  • It featured top Bollywood stars like Prem Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan.

The most important character in this movie relating to sports betting is Amitabh Bachchan – an expert at staking who is yet to lose a game. His playing strategy, patience at understanding his audience, and quick-wittedness are all traits every successful sports bettor should possess.

4. The Striker

Released in 2010, it appears you are missing something important if you have not seen this movie as a bettor in India. The major character in this movie is an immature boy who has to walk through the brambles of life to get the life he desires. From an Indian suburb, he could fight his way through life, and at 12, he had won the Carrom game title. Though a little boy at that time, this award changed the course of Surya’s life forever.

Little did he know that many people watched his every move until a betting brotherhood approached him. He played a pivotal role in the success of the betting brotherhood until greed set in, which resulted in his eventual fall.

5. Gambler

Directed by Amarjeet, Gambler was released in 1971 and has gone down as one the finest and most educative Bollywood movies on betting and gambling. The movie features Dev Anand, who plays the role of Raja, an orphan who Master took in. During Raja’s time with the Master, he was taught many games, particularly card games. As against what Master thought, Raja was a fast learner, and in a short while, he had established his business.

From this card-playing business, he was able to earn some money for himself, which he used in going after Chandra Gangaram – the woman he had always wanted. While trying to make more money and chase the woman of his dreams, Raja got involved in a crime at the height of the movie. Though a movie, it depicts the everyday experiences of bettors and gamblers.

Sports betting is fun and can be a channel to make a lot of money. However, beyond the desire to make money, you must be willing to learn different playing strategies. You should also understand the relationship between sports betting and the world around you. All of these and more are not things you will learn from a school in India. No, you will find them in the best movies relating to betting.

It becomes easy to stake on games with the right knowledge of how betting works, especially gleaning from the experiences of characters you watch in betting-related movies. When playing on an established international betting brand like Parimatch in India, you can apply that knowledge. It would also help you maximize the many promotional offers and minimal deposits offered by the platform.