The Entity (1982) – The Battle Against Multiple Fronts

The Entity (1982)

  • Release Date:  1982
  • Genre:  Possession
  • Director:  Sidney J. Furie
  • Screenwriter:  Frank De Felitta
  • Cast & Crew: Barbara Hershey, Ron Silver,David Labiosa, George Coe, Margaret Blye, Jacqueline Brookes, Richard Brestoff, Michael Alldredge, Raymond Singer, Allan Rich, Natasha Ryan, Melanie Gaffin, Alex Rocco, Tom Stern


The Entity is one of the popular horror movie of 1982 which has got a good response from the audiences and also, we see the mixed reaction of the people through this horror movie.

  • Eloise is known as famous critics which have given a rating of 8 / 10;
  • Dylan is another popular critics which have given a rating of this movie 8.5 / 10;
  • Raoul has like this movie and given The Entity rating of 9 / 10;

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The Hole


A mother becomes the victim of violent attacks, mostly sexual, from a mysterious demon that nobody can see.


Based on Frank De Felitta’s novel of the same name, The Entity is a paranormal tale about a woman’s battle against multiple fronts, both psychological and paranormal.

On one hand, there is a dreadful demon that abuses her. The brutality of his attacks, filmed sometimes in a very explicit way, makes them always very disturbing. Thereee are only a few special effects used, which could be deceiving to some, but help the movie in staying credible even to modern viewers. Thereee are a lot of paranormal scenes, always with increasing power, which makes the movie very intense to watch. In any case, you’ll find yourself cursing the demon, fearing the next demonic attack, and desperately feeling bad for young Barbara Hershey in her most impressive role.

On the other hand, the lead character is also battling with psychiatrists, friends, and even her own family. She has to prove that she is not crazy and that she is able to remain rational throughout this irrational experience. This aspect of the movie is really well developed create as much tension and stress than the demonic attack do.

Overall, this movie is really one that deserves to be talked about a lot more. I cannot help but comparing it to The Exorcist for it left me the same mental scar. Also similarly to The Exorcist, this one easily belongs to the Top 50 of horror movies ever made.