How to be a responsible gambler in Korea: Squid Game anti-guide


How to be a responsible gambler in Korea


Responsible gambler in Korea: Squid game is a South Korean survival thriller that has gained a lot of followers after unfolding problems that many face in the world. Responsible gambling is interactive and fun, but irresponsible gambling behaviors put lives on the line. Gambling is a massive challenge for players who stake money that they cannot afford to lose. Squid Game elaborates on how players are born to risk getting a significant prize. 

Half of the players in the Korean squid game series chose to stay despite the risk of losing their lives. Yong Su is a significantly older man but decides to wait to win 45.6 billion South Korean Won. Below are details compiled by our expert, An Jung Su, on being a responsible gambler in Korea.

Treat gambling as a form of entertainment

Although gambling in Korea is prevalent, only some gamblers are lucky to make money from the activity. Gambling demands time to learn the necessary skills. Many lose because they are not determined to be consistent winners. A small percentage of gamblers in Korea treat gambling as a form of entertainment. 

However, the large population develops gambling problems as they expect to win and eventually become irresponsible. In the end, they establish frustrations and anxiety after losing, causing them to wager more money to cover up their losses. A horrible cycle erupts and gets out of control. Players who expect to lose are less likely to fall into gambling addiction. Players should prepare their minds for losses to avoid frustrations.

Draft a gambling budget

전문가들이 평가한 합법적이고 평판이 좋은 한국 카지노를에서 찾아볼 수 있습니다. Unfortunately, you can’t gamble in all these casinos. Allocating a certain amount of money for gambling is the best way to avoid problems. A budget helps a player prepare to lose a certain amount in a given time. 

Gi-hun is a 47-year old divorcee who steals his mother’s ATM to get some gambling money. He failed to have a gambling budget but instead risked his mother’s savings with the hope of winning. The audience sees Gi-hun betting on a horse several times before succeeding. In the end, Gi-hun loses all his money as he escapes from loan sharks. The character shows how players get addicted to gambling for failing to draw a line. Staking cash that one cannot afford to lose is a slippery slope.

Avoid gambling with emotions

Through technology, gamblers can access various online casinos. Online gambling platforms lure gamers with lucrative bonuses that help them play without putting their money at risk. However, some players keep on losing but hope to win by staking more. Gambling with emotions is a dangerous path to step on as it leads to significant losses. Gamblers gamble high, believing that they will win, making them chase their losses. When emotions take the wheel, a bettor must stop gambling.

Responsible gambler in Korea Quit when you are ahead

Online casinos have designed a platform where players can practice and acquire skills before staking their money. Many times skilled players end up winning big. However, the majority never quit as they firmly believed that they could win bigger. The outcome is usually harmful as they begin losing what they had already won. Towards the end of the Squid Game, player 456 receives a call before boarding a plane. He immediately cancels his trip and decides to get back to gambling even after winning 45.6 million Korean Won.

Balance gambling with other activities

Responsible gambling calls for balancing gambling with other activities. Chong Sang Woo is on the run after stealing money from clients during his time as the director of the securities firm. As a director, Chong Sang failed to balance gambling and work.

Responsible gambler In Korea Avoid gambling when stressed

Characters in the thrilling global series are subjected to huge debts and later offered a mysterious offer involving playing games to win millions. Many players in real life have experienced such occurrences, and extreme pressure keeps mounting. Individuals are stressed out, making them desperate to act fast and solve their problems. 

Seong Gi-hun is stressed since he has no money to buy his daughter a present for her birthday. Player 456 tries his luck in a slot game but keeps failing. A young boy asks him to relax and helps him win. Stress interferes with responsible gambling behavior and results in heavy consequences. Instead of trying gambling, you can attend events such as Japanese cultural events or even engage in a hobby whenever you feel pressured. 

The details points above show how one can be a responsible gambler in Korea.