Every Horror Fan Needs to Try These Out

horror fan needs

If you are a fan of the horror genre, you might have wondered if there are other forms of entertainment you could try out that would give you the same thrill of emotion and a shiver down your spine. Luckily, there are some options you might find interesting and quite a lot of them are available for everyone, all over the world, in almost every country. Are you ready to be scared?

Escape rooms

Almost everyone knows what an escape room is and what type of entertainment it provides. The good news is that these days, they are becoming not only more popular but also widely available for everyone because they moved online. Not entirely, of course, there are still thriving places of this kind in the real world. Escape rooms are highly popular not only because they are a unique form of entertainment that requires logical thinking, having a talent for solving a mystery, and being able to cooperate in a team. Most importantly, they have this unique ambience, the atmosphere that makes the whole fun even more spectacular. Escape rooms online still have some of these traits, but it cannot be denied that it’s not entirely the same. In real life, you know that you are physically in a closed room, you cannot walk out the door if you don’t find the key. Online, you can stand up from your chair and get out once you get bored, or this entertainment seems too challenging. Well, it’s how they say, it’s better than nothing if you have no escape rooms in your neighborhood.

Why do we mention escape rooms in the relation to horror-inspired entertainment? As we already said, these rooms have a certain atmosphere, every one of them is designed with a specific motif in mind. Some are funnier than scare, but there are escape rooms that seem like taken straight out of a horror movie. There are options inspired by the well-known classic production and books as well as the ones entirely designed by their creators, with a lot of unknown unique elements. If you are interested in visiting horror-themed escape rooms, you can easily find their addresses online. For the courageous ones, there are even whole escape houses to be locked in. Of course, you can always start with online versions of horror-inspired escape rooms to get the gist of it.        

Board games and video games

There is something for every fan of horror, even the ones who would not like to get as involved as in the case of escape rooms. One of the most “gentle” forms of entertainment inspired by the horror genre is board games. You can play them with your friends and family in the evening or at night, with the lights dimmed or in the candlelight to create the right atmosphere. Yet another possibility are online games with the horror motif. Some popular options can be found in online casinos for Kuwait. Sites like Arabianbetting allow every fan of horror to play, from any place in the world, e.g., from Kuwait. Everything there is safe, all you need to do is secure your computer with a VPN service (losing all your data and money would be a horror indeed) and choose a game that suits you best. It can be a horror-inspired slot or any other game you find interesting.

There are also video games, of course. They are as close to watching a horror movie as you can get. The choice of productions with the setting straight from classic productions, or with a completely new storyline, is vast. The category of horror video games gives everyone a chance to find something with the right level of scare.  


Some fans of the horror genre might be interested in podcasts with the same, terrifying motifs. These might be fictional stories, which would work a bit like listening to an audiobook, conversations, or stories told by people who claim them to be real. You can go through a list of horror podcasts to find the one or two that might interest you. Give them a chance and find out if they will be as scary as you would expect. Don’t forget to listen to them in the right setting.