A Detailed Guide on How to Play Plinko and Game Strategy

Play Plinko and Game Strategy

Plinko is a fun, and popular game on “The Price is Right.” The game strategy is straightforward. You place a chip against the board, drop it, and it lands in a slot to begin playing. Depending on the space, you get a price.

 How to Play Plinko

 The more Plinko chips you earn, the more money you earn, so it’s nice to guess the price of each item before the start of the game, and if you assume correctly, you make a chip. Most times, you think if the cost of the time starts or ends with a digit. So thinking intuitively during this stage is essential.

Next, you need to select a place to drop a chip; make sure you’re at the top of the stairs to be at the top of the Plinko board. Line one of your chips with any of the entry slots.

Finally, drop your chip on top of the board and repeat till you’ve lined your chips properly with an entry slot. Once you do that, wait and watch your chip bounce between legs until it lands in a space.

Plinko Winning Strategies

To effectively win Plinko games, you’ve got to incorporate specific gaming strategies.

It’s always advisable to place chips at the centre. It’s a perfect strategy; despite being an act of probability, it’s a good strategy. However, there is no guarantee you will land the middle slot. This strategy maximises your wins during several games.

Another excellent strategy involves inserting your chip four spaces away from the centre. Or still, drop your chips four rooms to the left or right of the centre entry slot. This strategy is good because the chips bounce around often, so the probability of them travelling downward in a straight line is high.

Lastly, it’s good you drop your chips into the slot, don’t push your child into the entry slot; it’s not a good game tactic. Some experts believe it’s an excellent way to hold each chip above the entry slot.

Always stake a low amount of money, and set your gambling limits; as Plinko is a game of luck, winning isn’t always guaranteed, and knowing when to stop overspending is very important. Also, utilise casino strategies like progressive systems and negative counterparts to maximise your winnings.

Things to Know to Win a Plinko Game

 Though the game of Plinko is solely luck-based, there are things you could do to win effectively more often than never.

Determine and set your Budget

Plinko is like every other casino game; you play at a casino; it’s based on luck, so managing your stake is very important; that’s the first thing to consider. Your finances should be managed effectively to win. When you order your finances, you spend effectively.

What most new players do is play a demo version to get an insight into how to play the game before playing the actual game, and then you bet wisely.

Plinko isn’t a high-risk game, so. You shouldn’t be scared of losing much money; most times, you still get rewards even after losing.

Also, when playing Plinko in a casino, you need to consider some things; playing the Plinko game at the right casino is very important. You should consider the type of games available for play as there aren’t many Plinko games casinos offer. The more kinds of Plinko games a casino offers, the better your chances of winning.


Finally, it would help if you didn’t chase a loss. Most players think they could eventually win after several failures, but it isn’t always like that. Extended plays can make you overspend even after a loss, and it isn’t a good gambling strategy. It’s a good gaming strategy to learn to cut your losses even though it’s painful to stop playing after several failures.