Honest Review About The Series “13 Reasons Why”

13 Reasons Why

Having a bit of emotion kicked into your heart during the Bing watching is all you will get while watching the web series 13 Reason Why. The series revolves around a group of teenagers and is filled with emotions and lessons. High school, as we know, is a lot other than just a school; it can change a person’s life, which is what gets depicted throughout the series. If you are a teenager pursuing your daily life in high school or just starting school. The series doesn’t have an age binding, but people above the age of 16 are allowed to get it.

About “13 Reasons Why”

The plot is based on a teenage girl named Hannah Baker. She is gorgeous and pretty, started her high school in Liberty High School and came across a basketball player named Justin Foley, of quite flirty and handsome behavior, and thus they start adorning themselves. Their relationship meets a lot of obstacles, and the girl gets attached to another boy named Clay Jensen. Jealousy, bulling, lust, anger, trust issues, and immaturity gets in the way leading to a disastrous murder of Hannah, which is also justified as a suicide. She leaves behind 13 cassettes symbolic of the 13 reasons that killed her as per her opinion.   

Title Justification

In the title of the series, the producer makes sure to put up a very bold prospect that reflects the full summary of the series in just a few words. As per the title, “13 Reasons Why” is perfectly transparent of all the doings of the entire series. The title describes 13 reasons that are ironic to the 13 cassettes that Hannah recorded in her death bed before her suicide or so-called murder. It symbolizes the 13 reasons, which ruined her life and made her life a living hell for which her existence was questionable. So, I think that the title of the series is perfect for the story.


The series goes pretty thrilling and exciting in the first season, but as it progresses to the second season, it gets a bit boring as the plot is repeated eventually to keep a constant TRP. The trial of Bryce Walker, along with the other students giving their trial in the court, is pretty lengthy. 

The principal turnover was at the end of the final season, which cast a significant turning point by the death of Justin Foley by an overdose. I mean, just the turnover, which no one expected, was just beyond imagination. The character development and the build-in scenario after the death of Bryce Walker and Hannah between Justin and Clay is immense and more like a brother residing under the same roof. After his ill-mother left Justin in the street, Jensen legally adopted him, and there the plot twist starts. They were the end game and the only point that rates the series 6 out of 10 because of the end part. A string with an essential issue about high school and a rich lifestyle has earned so much fame.

13 Reasons has won many global awards and achievements and is also known as one of the most exciting and most-watched web series in the history of Netflix. The incredible acting of the protagonists’ Clay and Hannah, were beyond words and one of the main X-factors beyond success. Don’t forget to watch this web series when you are not playing a casino game and still look to have fun.