Puppet Master III Toulon’s Revenge Movie Details

Puppet Master III Toulon’s Revenge Movie Details
Puppet Master III Toulon’s Revenge Movie Details

Puppet Master III Toulon’s Revenge Movie Details

Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge (1991)Rating:

  • Andrew = 6 / 10;


In a prequel to the original Puppet Master, the puppets are alive in well, vindicating the loss of Andre’s wife Elsa, who is murdered by Nazi leader Major Kraus. Andre Toulon seeks revenge on Major Kraus and any other Nazi’s in the way, with help from his secret weapon of living murderous puppets.

Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge (1991) Review:

Toulon’s Revenge, in my opinion, is a hand’s down the second-best horror film in the Puppet Master franchise, which digs deeper in the past of Andre Toulon and his puppets. Toulon’s Revenge is great because it gives the viewer a feeling that the characters are actually facing adversity from the ruthless Nazi government in Germany. Major Kraus is a menacing villain, showing no mercy to anyone he comes into paths within the film. The quarrels between business partners Major Kraus and Dr. Hess provide a great subplot as the puppets and Toulon are trying to put an end to their master plan. The remaining characters and puppets are very defining and have strong character development. Guy Rolfe is iconic throughout the franchise for his portrayal of Andre Toulon in Part III, which is widely favored by fans as the best Andre Toulon characterization. The movie also introduces identities and explains symbolisms of two of the main puppets, who both play large roles in the franchise.

Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge Cast:

Guy RolfeGuy RolfeAndre Toulon
Richard LynchRichard LynchMajor Kraus
Ian AbercrombieIan AbercrombieDr. Hess
Kristopher LoganKristopher LoganLt. Eric Stein
Aron EisenbergAron EisenbergPeter Hertz
Walter GotellWalter GotellGeneral Mueller
Sarah DouglasSarah DouglasElsa Toulon
Matthew FaisonMatthew FaisonHertz
Michelle BauerMichelle BauerLili
Jasmine TotschekJasmine TotschekProstitute
Eduard WillEduard WillSoldier on Stage
John RegisJohn RegisMorgue Attendant
Neal ParrowNeal ParrowYoung Driver
Kenneth CortlandKenneth CortlandPharmacy Soldier
Lenny RoseLenny RoseAirport Agent


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