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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

The South Indian movie industry is already a huge victim of online piracy. Thereee are multiple websites that are responsible for online movie leaks & piracy of related media content. In this article let’s talk about one of the big players in the game. It’s called MyTeluguWap and its impact on the Telugu movie industry is terrible.

Were you aware of the fact that MyTeluguWap is not legal?

When it comes to the online availability of pirated media in the Telugu movie industry, MyTeluguWap is already a pretty popular name. Many people download media from this website but, they may not be aware of the fact that MyTeluguWap is illegal.

If you download media files from MyTeluguWap, let me tell you that, it is violating the Copyright law of India. So, in case you didn’t know this before, now you do. You may also find some clone URLs but, those are all kinda the same.

The kind of content you generally find on MyTeluguwap

MyTeluguWap generally deals with the Telugu movie industry. So, it’s content base is limited but, still deadly. Here’s a list of the type of contents that it generally offers.

So, although the content list is not super large or something, it’s still enough to drill a gigantic hole in the Telugu Movie industry’s box office.

Telugu movie industry is badly affected by MyTeluguWap

Leaking of movies & MP3 songs online is creating big issues for the Telugu movie industry. Generally, the movie will be uploaded within a few days of release & instead of spending money on tickets, people will watch the movie for free. This results in way lower-income numbers in Box office movie collections.

The same thing goes for songs too. Basically, when it comes to piracy, sites like these cause a massive wreck in the revenue of the movie. This impacts the entire industry in a pretty bad way.

You may end up in jail for downloading Pirated content

Downloading pirated content is also illegal & if you do so, you might be in a way bigger trouble than you’re expecting.

  • You may end up in Jail: If you get caught, you may end up in Jail. This can be from several months to several years.
  • You may end up paying a lot of money: While trying to score free content, you may end up paying a lot of money as fine. That too if you don’t get that Jail punishment.

Support Genuine content, step away from Pirated ones

The only way to stop piracy is by supporting genuine content. Leave the temptation of pirated content & start watching movies in nearby theaters at the cheapest rates available. Similarly, use streaming services like Gaana, JioSaavn that support ads so, you can still listen to your music free of cost & maybe buy a cheap plan in case you need that. This will keep pushing these piracy websites backward & help to resolve the issues that they are causing. Also, encourage the people around you to support genuine content.