Will Allu Sirish Compete with Brother Allu Arjun?

Allu Sirish and Allu Arjun

Actor Allu Sirish comes from a family full of actors and produces but has failed to create an identity for himself. ABCD-American Born Desi Confused releasing on 17 May 2019 will be a challenge for the actor. This Malayalam remake will be a chance for the actor to prove himself. In this article, we will see Will Allu Sirish Compete with Brother Allu Arjun? 

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Allu Sirish Exclusive Chat:

What was it about ABCD: American Born Confused Desi that made you go for the remake?

Initially, I was very apprehensive about the remake but then I saw the film after someone recommended it to me. I was a little hesitant but the story connected a lot with me. More than the audience, it was the character that I related with. Thereee was a time when my father also had these issues with me, that I did not value money and he did take some drastic steps to discipline me. That part of the movie really got to me. A lot of actors in the industry, who have seen the film, also wanted a remake of it and a couple of them asked me to just go for it. My last film was a thriller and a lot of people told me later that they want to see me do a fun, entertaining role. This film will see me doing all of those.

Do you see your brother Arjun as a competition at all?

No, not at all. Our debuts were 10 years apart. He is someone I would rather look up to than compete with. It’s hard but I’m trying to carve a different niche for myself. More like the second version of Allu Arjun but something different.

As per the above response from Allu Sirish, it clearly looks as he will not look at it as a competition but as learning from a senior actor.

In the above article, we will talk about Will Allu Sirish Compete with Brother Allu Arjun?




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