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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Piracy is widespread across the web & governments are fighting hard to wipe it out from the Internet. But, it isn’t as simple as it looks. Piracy websites keep finding new ways to make a comeback, every time they get blocked. In this article, let me walk you through about one of these piracy websites that has a major impact on the Entertainment industry. You may or may not have heard of it. It’s known as Teluguwap.

Teluguwap is illegal! Did you know?

If you use Teluguwap to download media files or maybe you’ve just heard of it somewhere, did you know that it is illegal? We have seen, most of the people who download media or other types of pirated files from these kinds of websites, have no idea about them being illegal.

But, you need to know that, Teluguwap is completely illegal as it directly violates the Copyright law of India. After they shut down the original website, several clone websites appeared. The main website claims that they don’t have any other Teluguwap sites. But, we can’t say for sure if any of the clones are actually associated with the original one or not.

The content Teluguwap offers

Teluguwap offers a lot of content mostly related to the Indian film industry. These contents are mainly targeted at smartphone users. To give you an idea, we have listed a bunch of major categories of this content below.

  • Telugu & Tamil movie MP3 songs
  • Telugu & Tamil movie Video songs
  • Trailer for Telugu & Tamil movies


HDTeluguwap was another clone website of Teluguwap that also included HD video songs & movie trailers from Telugu movies & more. Later many clone websites adopted the idea and started providing HD Video songs & trailers.

The Telugu and Tamil movie & music industries face a huge loss because of Teluguwap

Teluguwap & its clones are responsible for a massive money loss in the Telugu & Tamil movie and music industries. Instead of listening to a song on YouTube or on an ad/subscription supported streaming website, people just download the songs from Teluguwap. This stops the way for a huge percentage of revenue from those songs which results in loss of a huge amount of money.

As a result, there is a huge impact on movie makers, song artists & thousands of employees who work in the industry.

Downloading pirated content is illegal & it’s a punishable offense

People often look towards pirated websites as an easy way to gain access to paid content for free but, it’s not that simple. If you download from pirated websites & get caught, there will be major consequences.

  • Punishment in Jail: As a punishment, you may need to spend several months or even several years in jail.
  • Pay a huge amount of money as Fine: Even if you don’t go to jail, you may need to pay a lot of money as a Fine (Penalty)

Keep your distance from Piracy

If you were into downloading pirated content, aware or unaware of the consequences, hopefully now you understand the situation. Piracy doesn’t just affect the top layer of the industry but, it’s smaller fractions & even for you the trouble might be a lot. Overall, the entire society is affected & this needs to stop as soon as possible. So, please stay away from piracy & spread this info among other people as well. That might be the only way to take its purpose away & stop piracy from growing.


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