MadrasRockers – 2019 Latest Tamil Movies Download In High Definition (HD)


MadrasRockers is yet another Tamilrockers inspired piracy website. The content library isn’t that huge in this case but, it’s still one of the mention worthy websites. So, we’ll be breaking this one down in several parts.

Madrasrockers is not legal either

Just like the other Tamilrockers inspired websites & Tamilrockers themselves, Madrasrockers is an illegal website as well. They are also using piracy to leak newly released movies online without having any copyright permissions. The Copyright law of India is getting violated by this. So, they’re definitely uploading content illegally.

Madrasrockers’ content on the website

The content on Madrasrockers is limited to Tamil movies. So, in this case, there aren’t multiple groups here. They generally upload a new movie within a few days of its release. Now, that does affect the Tamil Movie industry though. Let’s talk about that in slightly more detail, in the next section.

The effect on the Tamil movie industry

Madrasrockers doesn’t affect the entire Indian movie industry but, it has some significant effects on the Tamil movie industry. A major portion of the audience often ends up downloading pirated movies from sites like Madrasrockers. This cuts off a huge number of ticket sales. That’s how production houses fail to make enough profit & sometimes end up making a huge loss instead.

Are you clean if you download pirated movies?

You may or may not know about this but, downloading pirated movies is a violation of the law as well. Once you get caught, you may need to face one of the following consequences.

  • You may need to pay a huge amount of cash as fine (for downloading pirated movies, the range goes from 50000-200000 INR)
  • You may even go to jail (for downloading pirated movies, the timeline goes from 6 months – 3 years in India)

Is there any way to stop piracy?

Of course, there is. Stop downloading pirated content & pass the message to your loved ones & people you interact with. Once people stop downloading pirated content, there will be no reason for piracy websites to exist. So, that how slowly but effectively we can stop piracy. So, that initial step actually starts with you. Take it & we’ll reach one step closer to stop piracy.


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