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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

This the age of technology and with an expansion rate so high & similarly growing internet base, there are good and bad effects of the same. One of the biggest issues that almost every industry has, is piracy. Piracy is a fatal disease these days and the entertainment industry is a huge victim of it. In this article, I want to talk to you about a major piracy website that is causing massive damage to the entire film & entertainment industry. This website is known as Tamilrockers & it is one of the major threats to the industry.

Tamilrockers is completely illegal Full Movie And Songs Download Site

If you have ever downloaded anything from Tamilrockers or even if you’ve heard of it, did you have any idea that it was completely illegal all this time? Well, we have seen that many of the people who download content from illegal websites are often unaware of the fact.

Let me tell you that Tamilrockers is banned by the Indian government as it violated the Copyright law of India. But, it keeps coming back with multiple new website domain names. A few weeks back, some of the people behind this website were arrested. It is also believed that they have connections with international piracy groups.

Tamilrockers have a huge content base

The content variation of Tamilrockers is absolutely shocking. They have so many types of contents that, it’s not even possible to talk about all of them. However, we have listed some of the major contents below.

Tamilrockers Telugu Movie Content

Although the major category is definitely Tamil movies, Telugu movies get a significant amount of attention on Tamilrockers. It’s also arguably the second most popular type of content on the site but, that info isn’t completely confirmed.

Tamilrockers have one of the worst impacts on the Indian Entertainment industry

If you find any website that has a newly released movie, then that’s illegal. As of now, a movie at least takes at least a couple of months to be available in any authorized website for steaming or on television.

The website Tamilrockers is an expert in piracy that uploads a newly released movie within one or two days of their release. This has one of the worst impacts on the Indian film industry & also the entire entertainment industry in general. The sale of the tickets for those movies sees a huge drop in numbers. It even affects the associated music organization & artists.

The government has been trying hard to control this but, it is very very hard. Consider the fact that last year, the Indian movie industry lost an estimated 18000 crores because of piracy. If we count international movies too, this number is pretty high.

You may face a lot of trouble if you download content from Tamilrockers or any other Piracy website

If you have already created the habit to download movies from Tamilrockers or any other piracy website, you need to change that habit. It is a direct violation of law & if you ever get caught, you will face a lot of trouble. Here’s what you might face.

  • Jail: You can go to jail for downloading piracy content. If that happens, you’ll go in for anywhere from 6 months up to 3 years.
  • Fine: If you don’t go to jail, you’ll surely be paying a lot of money as a fine. The amount can be anywhere from 50000 Indian Rupees to 200000 Indian Rupees.

You need to step away from Piracy

Big changes start with you. Right now the web of piracy is huge but, if each one of us can just step away from it, it’ll lose value & slowly get wiped out. Piracy regularly impacts millions who are working in various industries & hits every day on the backbone of our society. So, please stay away from it & educate the people around you about the bad impacts of piracy on society & on themselves.

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