Low Budget Music Videos Are The New Trend That We Cannot Get Enough Of

Low budget music videos are fast becoming the new trend. Don’t we all love how effortlessly they manage to entertain us and give us a new track to hum? But why are they becoming so popular so fast? What’s the reason we do not care for award-winning videos if we like what we see and what we are listening to?

Thereee’s no doubt that our entertainment preferences have changed with time. We have now moved away from the culture of polished, professional videos. Now is the time for raw, low budget music videos, which bring us un-discovered talents from far off places.

This new trend of making phone videos have introduced us to some sensational musicians, singers, and artists. Today, talent is crucial, and innovative technology has become quite handy.

If you have a talent or a skill, you can share it with the world through social media, and who knows you might become the next big star.


Low Budget Music Videos

So, it won’t be wrong to say that low budget music videos have opened the gate to an all-new type of entertainment for us. Do you want to make low budget music videos? Here’s how you can go about it.

How to Make a Low Budget Music Video

Ask for Help

Making a low budget video does not need much, but you can always improvise the quality of your videos by improving the video quality and sound quality. If you have a photographer friend of a friend who likes to DJ as a hobby, ask them to help you out.

These people may not be the experts in their field, but they will any day know more nuances than you. Fixing nuances can tremendously change the quality of your video and bring in extra likes and followers.

Ask your friends for help while shooting or while editing. Do offer them credits in your video, and if you make profits and you can afford, offer them monetary returns. Who knows, this might as well be the beginning of your video team!

Make a Clear Plan

Before you start shooting your video, you should have a clear plan as to what you are going to do in your video. Chalk out a theme and decide on every movement. Jumping into a shoot assuming you will go with the flow may end up in a disaster.

Moreover, when you have a plan, you will be able to shoot quickly and save time, yours as well as everyone else’s who is involved in the shooting process.

Yes, going with the flow may work sometimes, but only sometimes. If you do it often, your videos might start looking redundant with the same moves and ideas. To make your plan, check out competitor music videos, look at professional videos, and take inspiration from your favorite bands.

Find an Interesting Location

Location is very crucial to the making of a music video. While it’s true that you cannot afford to travel to a far off location to shoot your video, you can always take advantage of the nearby beauty spots.

Make some time to identify spots. It can be just outside the city or right next to your home. Set up a camera and shoot the place. Identify different angles with good lights and exposure.

Look for locations that can morph into multiple locations with a single tilt of the camera. For example, look for a place where one side there’s a house or a building, and on the other, there’s a cliff or a field. This way, you get two locations in one.

You can also mix locations, as in, you can shoot a part of your video at a beach, apart from at the cliff, and the rest in your background and mix everything using a smart video editor like InVideo. It is the answer to the question, ‘what is the best free YouTube video editor?’.

Add an Interesting Visual Effect

What makes a music video a hit? Is it music or its video? Well, the answer is both. You have to invest a good amount of time and money to make both of them memorable. Most successful YouTubers and music video makers believe that if you add an interesting visual effect to your brand, people tend to remember you better.

Think about a visual effect that can become your signature style or can at least become a reminder of one of your videos. It can be anything from something as simple as you doing a back-flip on a particular line in your video or some color change in the background. Thereee can be n number of things that you can do.

So, before you start shooting, identify an effective visual effect that you can pull off. You can always add special effects using video editors. As in, you do not have to necessarily jump from a cliff every time you sing a particular line, the jumping scene can be captured once and used multiple times in the video.

Learn the Basics

While it’s great to ask for help and take help from skilled people, you should also learn the basics of video shooting, video editing, audio editing, etc. Why? Because you cannot always rely on other people to do the job for you.

Since we are talking about low budget music videos, it will help if you can do a lot of things on your own. This way, you will save a lot of money which can be put to better use.

Learn using a simple video editor like InVideo. Experiment with your videos to understand special effects both in terms of sound and visuals. You may not succeed initially, but with time, you will be able to do all the odd jobs yourself.

Prepare in Advance

Before the D-Day, prepare for the shoot. Arrange your clothes, get ready with the props, and if you are going to use accessories from outside, source them in advance. You should also prepare for your dance steps and practice all the music in advance. Preparing in advance will save everyone’s time and will also save money if you are hiring props.

If you want to make low budget music videos and aim to become so popular that people useĀ YouTube to mp3 converter on new songs, you have to get systematic. Raw videos do not work in the long run. You will have to polish your work, learn the nuances of video making, and make some fruitful collaborations with skilled professionals.

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