Trendiest Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Tresses


Do you have thick hair and are looking for a trendy new hairstyle? Have you considered a mid-length cut? Medium-length hairstyles are very popular right now. Not only are they popular, but they are extremely versatile and ideal for those with thicker Mid tresses.

This article will provide insight on how to manage your thick tresses as well as highlight some of the hottest looks for medium length hairstyles for thick hair. This can help you choose the best mid-length hairstyle to start the year off right.

Advantages of Medium Length Hairstyles

  • Mid-length cuts are extremely easy to style and maintain.
  • A medium-length haircut is ideal for those with extremely long locks who are looking for a new look but don’t want a short haircut.
  • A mid-length cut is a great way to get rid of some of the dead weight and split ends that can way down thick hair,
  • Mid-length hairstyles are ideal for those with naturally curly or wavy hair.
  • According to LoveHairStyles, medium-length hairstyles are extremely versatile and can be worn in braids, half updos, updos, ponytails, and much more!
  • You can dress up your mid-length cut with hats, hair bands, bandanas, hair clips, barrettes, and other stylish and fun hair accessories. 
  • There are a variety of medium length hairstyles to suit every age, hair texture, lifestyle, and personality,
  • If you get tired of your mid-length cut you can always grow it out…or cut it shorter!

Trendiest Medium Length Hairstyles

Expert Tips for Styling Thick, Medium Length Hair

  • Only wash your hair once or twice a week: Those with thicker tresses should avoid washing their hair every day as it can cause your hair to become dry. It is best to wash your hair only once or twice in a seven-day period. Between washings, you can use dry shampoo, especially if you use a lot of hair products. For those with thick hair, over-washing your hair can strip it of the natural oils it needs to shine and thrive. If you do opt for dry shampoo, use foam rather than dry spray as it is better for thick tresses.
  • Invest in a quality hair serum: Derived from amino acids, hair serums are ideal for thick hair. They will give your medium length hairstyle a softy and glossy look and feel in addition to eliminating frizz and fly-aways. As a bonus, the right hair serum will help protect your hair from heat and sun damage as well as help eliminate those pesky knots and tangles.
  • Trim your hair every two months: When it comes to thick hair, it is ideal to have it professionally trimmed every six to eight weeks to help eliminate the dead ends that can way down your hair. As well, it can help your hair grow faster while making it look healthy, full, and bouncy.
  • Purchase the right hairbrush for your hair type: For thick hair, using the right hairbrush makes all the difference. A boar bristle hairbrush works to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils thus making it extra shiny. As well, it will work to help prevent both frizz and static.
  • Avoid blow-drying your medium-thick hair: For those with thick tresses, blow-drying your hair can take ages. In addition, it can dry your hair by severely depleting it of the natural oils that keep it healthy. The best way to dry thick hair is to allow it to air dry for a while and then blow dry it for some volume.
  • Hydrate your hair: Keep your thicker locks hydrated by using hair oils or leave-in conditioners. This will nourish your hair which allows it to flourish.
  • Ask your stylist for layers: Layers can help add life to thick hair. It will thin it out a bit without taking away from the style. You can opt for long layers if you do not like drastic layers.
  • Consider an undercut: Undercuts have become extremely popular over the last few years. They are especially ideal for those with thick tresses as they are an easy and stylish way to eliminate some of your thicker tresses.

Medium Length Hairstyles

Top Styles Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

  • Wavy lob
  • Mid-length bob with choppy layers
  • Mid-length bob with face-framing fringe
  • Medium hair cut with flipped out ends
  • Shaggy mid-length cut
  • Medium length angled bob
  • Mid-length asymmetrical hairstyle
  • Grunge style mid-length haircut with a thick fringe
  • Stylish stacked bob

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