In Adopting A Family Dog: Is An American Bulldog Right For You?

Throughout the years, the returns of pets to shelters and the number of abandoned pets have been climbing increasingly fast. No one knows the reason why this phenomenon happens, only that this incident continuously occurring is the consequence of many different reasons. One of those reasons is uncontrolled aggression, sadly one of the traits an American bulldog (read more) is known for. Giving back dogs to shelters only cements their ultimate fate: euthanasia.

Though there are no-kill organizations, the number of shelters practicing euthanasia does not even out the number of shelters that keep as many pets as they can, well-fed and alive. That is why as a community and as previous and new owners, we must adopt a dog or a cat from our local shelter. If you’ve been finding the best dog breed, don’t go buying them from breeders and supporting puppy mills. Read below to find out if you prefer the American Bulldog.

Getting To Know The Adorable Bull

American bulldogs are considered purebred and completely different from its counterpart, the Pitbulls and the Bulldogs, though the three of them share some similarities in their physical appearance and attitude. Some owners prefer the ears of their bulldog clipped, although this practice has been considered abuse to their dog for years now. Not only that, but nobody knows the exact reason why this breed’s ears are cropped except to make them “look” fierce.

This type of dog is known to have a stocky, muscular body. The genetic make-up that constructs their physical bodies has been developed way back into the 17th century when bulldogs were used for bull-baiting. After arriving in North America, bulldogs have been trained for more humane tasks, such as herding and protecting personal property.

They are known to be a loyal and affectionate bunch that, despite their appearance, is known to be very good with small children.

American Bulldog Temperament

This large, muscular canine doesn’t have its stocky appearance just for show. They love being outdoors and doing a lot of exercises throughout the day. Since American Bulldogs tend to be of large frame, their chances of being obese are also larger. For this reason, owners and would-be owners have the responsibility to provide adequate walks (or runs). American Bulldogs, in general, would suit people that are on the go and enjoy physical activity as well.

Since they are, by nature, an active breed, spending their reserved energy for the day is a must. If left alone and idle, the American Bulldog will become destructive and aggressive (link:, which many owners may chalk up to normal behavior and bring the dog back to the shelter. If you’re unable to cater to their daily needs, it’s better to feed your bully with oils or snacks that have a calming agent. You can also consider more natural, alternative options, such as CBD dog treats.

Pros Of American Bulldogs

1. Easy Grooming

One thing an American bully is known for is it’s short, naturally cropped fur. Most of the time, they look furless if you don’t touch their body to feel their stiff, short coat. As an owner, this is one thing off your hands: minimal and uncomplicated grooming. It’s easy to clean them up when they trek through mud or have dust all over them. Compared to its long-haired brothers and sisters, the American bully doesn’t need to worry about tangles for the rest of its life.

2. When Fed Properly Coupled With Exercise, Obesity Has A Low Margin

Many breeds, as they grow older, have a higher incidence of obesity. Obesity is the main root of many health problems, such as joint pain, heart disease, liver disease, and hip/elbow dysplasia. American bullies are active, and if their stamina and energy are utilized thoroughly, they can live longer and healthier than most breeds.However, even the healthiest dogs have emergencies, so many pet owners purchase pet insurance to provide peace of mind.

3. A Versatile Breed

While most dogs have a medium-high anxiety incidence when the owner pursues a major change, the same thing cannot be said with American Bullies. They’re one of the few breeds that can adapt easily to a new house and neighborhood should the owner wish to move around. They are known to be very attached to their family and owner, and as long as they get to be with them, the bully won’t have any complaints.

4. A Born Watchdog

One of the best watchdogs you can have in your home is an American bully. They are more vigilant and hyper-aware of strangers, new scents, and danger compared to other breeds. On top of that, their appearance (and that large maw) will make robbers and other ill-intended people think twice before striking.

Cons Of American Bulldogs

1. If Neglected, They Are More Prone To Diseases

Just like a human body with a sedimentary lifestyle, a canine’s body also works the same. This is especially true for the supposed active American Bulldogs. When this breed becomes idle and moves minimally, not only do they develop destructive habits but also diseases that can cripple their immune system in the future.

2. Prone To Separation Anxiety

While almost all dog breeds experience separation anxiety, the American bully seems to have it worst due to their clingy nature. They are at their best when their owner or family members are around and tend to be depressed and jittery when left alone for even a short amount of time.

3. Cats’ Archenemy

If you have a cat, and one with a hostile nature and short temper, think twice of getting an American Bully. They’re a dog breed that is the least tolerant towards cats and will often fight them when the need arises.