Evil Dead 2

Deep Dark Thoughts

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was around the time Evil Dead 2 came out in the theatre. A friend and I were heading to the theatre to see a movie, and both Evil Dead 2 and “Return of the Living Dead 2” were playing. I was dumb enough to allow my friend to talk me into seeing “Return 2” rather than Evil Dead 2­—a mistake I have always regretted two reasons: First and foremost, because I didn’t see Evil Dead 2 on the big screen, and second, because “Return 2” sucked royally!!!

Sam Raimi was able to inject a little comedy into Evil Dead 2, fusing it with horror to come up with a deadly mixture. Evil Dead is my all-time favorite because of the horror, but I love watching Evil Dead 2 because it’s so damned funny. You can definitely see the direction Raimi has taken the series, from true horror in “Evil Dead,” to horror and comedy in Evil Dead 2, and finally to comedy combined with horror in “Army of Darkness.” I think that this shift in direction was a big mistake for Raimi, but I will get into that on the AOD page. Watch this movie, Groovy.

Evil Dead 2 Movie Story

Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead 2

The Evil Dead 2 Movie begins with our hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell), having survived his hellish night of battling the evil dead. Ah, the morning’s here, time to escape. Wrong! Just as Ash is preparing to leave, the last remaining demonic spirits rocket him through the woods in a very comical scene. Crashing into a tree, Ash regains consciousness only to be possessed by the evil dead, but eventually, the morning light chases these spirits away, sparing our hero.

Ash then falls unconscious, only to awake as dusk is setting in. . . . ROUND 2. During the ensuing night, Ash battles his dead girlfriend, his own hand (which he lops off with a chainsaw), and more evil dead than you can shake a shotgun at. They are looking for fresh souls. Who can stop these little bastards? I won’t tell—but as you can see, there is a sequel.

The remake, sequel, or both? I would definitely say sequel. There are two reasons why Raimi filmed the flashback sequence the way he did. First, to bring those unfortunate fools who didn’t see “Evil Dead” up to speed, and second, because he couldn’t get the footage from New Line.

Evil Dead 2 Facts

  • The top-most book Ash places on the bucket when covering up his decapitated hand is “A Farewell to Arms.”
  • The movie tag-line read “2 Terrifying, 2 Frightening, 2 Much.”
  • The movie was filmed on the set of the “Color Purple,” because the original cabin had been destroyed years before by fire.
  • A glove belonging to Freddy Krueger can be seen hanging near the steps in one of the cellar scenes. This was done reciprocally, in response to Wes Craven’s having used “Evil Dead” on the TV screen in “Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Look at how the necklace is laid out on the floor when Ash is possessed the second time—like a skull. Pretty cool.
  • Sam’s brother, Ted Raimi (the now-deceased Joxer on “Xena: Warrior Princess”), played the possessed Henrietta.
  • The budget on Evil Dead 2 was $3 million.
  • Ash’s full name: Ashley J. “Ash” Williams.
  • The films were cut in Australia, Germany, and Sweden.
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  • Gamemaker THQ has produced a game based on the “Evil Dead” series for all platforms (PC, PlayStation, and Dreamcast) entitled “Evil Dead: Hail to the King”.

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