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Daemonia Band Full Movie News
Daemonia Band Full Movie News

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Daemonia Band Story

Back in November, I had the distinct pleasure of attending Cult Con 2000 in Tarrytown, NY. I first heard rumors of this show while attending the Fango show in NYC earlier this year and I hate to admit it, but I was very skeptical about the possibility of a Goblin reunion. I thought to myself, if Phil at Creature Feature Video could pull this off he would be a god in my little horror world. As the month went by the additions of Ruggero Deodato, David Hess, Gunnar Hansen, and Sergio Stivaletti help to further perk my interest in Daemonia.

So a few weeks before the show, I finally decide. I was sure I would have had a ball either way and if Goblin did show up… BONUS!!!! As I arrived in Tarrytown, word was already circulating that a disagreement between the members of Goblin had led to them backing out of the show (read all the gory details here), but founding member (ever honorable and highly talented) Claudio Simonetti was able to convince his new band DAEMONIA to run the gauntlet and headline Saturday night’s festivities.

Before I knew it, Saturday night was quickly upon me and I was already three sheets to the wind when the warm-up bands began their sets. I really didn’t have a chance to listen to the first two bands, because I was way too busy running back and forth to the bar. I was also helping Bob Murawski from GRINDHOUSE RELEASING who was preparing to record the audio commentary for the upcoming DVD release of Cannibal Holocaust with Ruggero Deodato and Robert Kerman.  

As the night wore on and my buzz continued to grow, I was really getting psyched up to see what DAEMONIA could delivery. See as word had it, they had just released their first album (a tribute to Dario Argento) in Italy, so they were definitely already well-versed in the works of Goblin.

As the lights went dim and the true sounds of terror filled the smoky basement of this little out of the way hotel, I knew I was in for the experience of a lifetime. I never imagined or truly believed that I would have the opportunity to hear some of the most haunting music ever to grace the world of horror. LIVE. Sure the music to Psycho and The Exorcist is magical, but nothing compares to that brought to life by Goblin and the experience and atmosphere were modified ten fold seeing it performed right before my eyes.

So with a special thanks to Phil Palmieri (for the opportunity), Claudio Simonetti and DAEMONIA(for the experience), and Bob Murawski (for the video), I present you with a sampling of DAEMONIA raising from the dead the masterful works of Goblin.