Brainscan Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Brainscan Movie

Brainscan is a 1994 Hollywood science fiction horror film directed by John Flynn and written by Brian Owens and Andrew Kevin Walker. The film stars Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, Amy Hargreaves, Jamie Marsh, and T. Ryder Smith. Here in this place, we will provide the details of Brainscan Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 1994
Genre: Sci-Fi Horror, Supernatural Power
Director: John Flynn
Screenwriter: Andrew Kevin Walker, Brian Owens

Brainscan Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Rowan= 10 / 10 (a personal favourite!);
Ellis= 5 / 10;
Ryan= 4.5 / 10;

Brainscan (1994) Synopsis:

Two friends, found of horror and gore, hear about a game called Brainscan, supposed to be like none they experienced before. After Michael’s first try of the game, he quickly understands that Brainscan is more than just virtual reality.

Brainscan (1994) Review:

Brainscan could have been such a better movie. It mixes teen horror and sci-fi horror, playing around the theme of horror virtual-reality and videogame. This, along with a great introduction of the characters, multiple references to earlier horror films and lots of heavy music, makes the beginning of the film quite exciting. The introduction into the game is spectacular, with a really brutal first kill, especially the scene with the cutting of the leg.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is not as good, and the film quickly turns into another of these cheesy 90’s horror. Romance, friendship, cheesy morale…all this really spoiled my film and overshadowed the scare good horror scenes (90’s is one of the worst period for horror movies in my opinion). Brainscan also suffers from its old age. In 2013, looking at a 8-bit giant computer as a piece of ultra-modern equipment is difficult.

The acting is of the main character, played by Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, American History X) is probably the best thing in this movie…especially considering the mediocre performance of the bad guy, who tend to be extremely irritating!

The end is really lame and concludes a movie which, for me, is entertaining but disappointing.

Brainscan (1994) Cast:

Edward FurlongEdward FurlongMichael
Frank LangellaFrank LangellaDetective Hayden
T. Ryder SmithT. Ryder SmithThe Trickster
Amy HargreavesAmy HargreavesKimberly
Jamie MarshJamie MarshKyle
Victor ErtmanisVictor ErtmanisMartin
David HemblenDavid HemblenDr. Fromberg
Vlasta VranaVlasta VranaFrank
Domenico FioreDomenico FioreKen (as Dom Fiore)
Claire RileyClaire RileyNews Anchor
Tod FennellTod FennellYoung Michael (as Tod Fennel)
Michèle-Barbara PelletierMichèle-Barbara PelletierStacie (as Michele-Barbara Pelletier)
Dean HagopianDean HagopianMr. Keller
Donna BaccalaDonna BaccalaMrs. Keller (as Donna Bacalla)
Jérôme TiberghienJérôme TiberghienMr. Tebb (as Jerome Thiberghian)
Don JordanDon JordanCop #1
Pete WhitePete WhiteDog Owner
Peter ColveyPeter ColveyJohn
Paul StewartPaul StewartBob
Richard ZemanRichard ZemanPolice Officer
ZakZakThe Dog


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