Bound To Vengeance Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Bound To Vengeance Movie

Bound to Vengeance is a 2015 Hollywood horror-thriller film about a woman who escapes her confinement in a basement by a sexual predator. The film had its world premiere on January 23, 2015, at the Sundance Film Festival and stars Tina Ivlev, who forces her captor to reveal the location of his other captives. Here in this place, we will provide the details of Bound To Vengeance Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 2015
Genre: Splatter
Director: Jose Manuel Cravioto
Screenwriter: Keith Kjornes, Rock Shaink Jr.

Bound To Vengeance Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Ryan= 7 / 10; Ellise= 7 / 10;


A young woman who was kept captive and used as a sex slave manages to escape and takes revenge on her captors.


As the title suggest, Bound to Vengeance is a revenge movie. As in I Spit on Your Grave, the story is the one of a young woman that was wronged badly and will take revenge eventually, but there is a twist here. The woman was in fact captured and used as sex slave. In that, the movie is actually closer to other kidnapping/sex trade related movie such as MartyrsThe Seasoning House or even the thriller Taken.

The plot in itself is the one of a revenge movie, nothing extraordinary, but the way it is told is really effective. The movie gets the viewers in the action immediately, and later tells the story by releasing information slowly using flashbacks. It is extremely efficient, suspenseful and will make you hold your breath for the all 80 minutes.

As in most “good” sex/rape related movie, the atmosphere is sordid. The movie will make you feel really uncomfortable. It is also psychologically very tense so expect to get out of this sad ride exhausted and with a pretty low morale. Probably not a good pick for a date, but a great horror movie nevertheless.

Bound To Vengeance (2015) Cast:

Tina IvlevTina IvlevEve
Richard TysonRichard TysonPhil
Bianca MalinowskiBianca MalinowskiLea
Kristoffer KjornesKristoffer KjornesRonnie (as Kris Kjornes)
Dustin QuickDustin QuickLaura
Stephanie CharlesStephanie CharlesNina
Ric SarabiaRic SarabiaSkinny Man
Keith JohnsonKeith JohnsonFat Man
Scott VanceScott VanceTall Man
Amy OkudaAmy OkudaCaptive Girl 1
Nikki SooHooNikki SooHooCaptive Girl 2
Vivan DugréVivan DugréVivan
Trinity Noelle Maigue-BendorfTrinity Noelle Maigue-BendorfPhil’s Daughter (as Trinity Maigue-Bendorf)
Dylan C. ThomasDylan C. ThomasEve’s Sister (as Dylan Thomas)
Lauren FoulkLauren FoulkRomanian Girl (uncredited)
Fiorella GarcíaFiorella GarcíaRomanian Girl (uncredited)
Nihan GurNihan GurKatrina (uncredited)
Jenny MarreroJenny MarreroRomanian Girl (uncredited)




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