Bloodsucking Bastards Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Bloodsucking Bastards Movie

Marshall Givens at an event for Bloodsucking Bastards (2015) David F. Park in Bloodsucking Bastards (2015) Justin Ware and Neil Garguilo in Bloodsucking. Evan must find a way to stop the evil brewing amidst the cubicles at work, rescue his workplace pals, and win back his girlfriend before his life and career go from dead-end to dead. Here we will introduce the details of Bloodsucking Bastards Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review. Here in this place, we will provide the details of Bloodsucking Bastards Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 2015
Genre: Comedy, Vampire
Director: Brian James O’Connell
Screenwriter: Dr. God, Ryan Mitts

Bloodsucking Bastards Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Ellis= 2 / 10;
Ryan= 4 / 10;


A new sales manager decides to radicalize the decaying methods of a sales company filled with losers and to change everyone into hyper-productive vampires.


Bloodsucking Bastards is the vampire comedy happening in cubicle sales offices, kind of like The Office meets Fright Night. That is for the style only, because the movie cannot seriously be compared to any of these two titles.

… a 10/10 to Evil Dead 2 and Shaun of the Dead and 9/10 or so to Tucker and Dale, Severance and many other ones. Yet, this one failed at both things it tried: being funny and being a great horror movie. The humor didn’t convince me at all. Even though a few scenes made me smile, the majority of the jokes lacked spontaneity. As for the horror movie aspect, it is just forgettable vampire action and your usual blood explosion.

To this movie, I recommend the excellent What We Do in the Shadows instead.

Bloodsucking Bastards (2015) Cast:

Fran KranzFran KranzEvan
Pedro PascalPedro PascalMax
Joey KernJoey KernTim
Joel MurrayJoel MurrayTed
Emma FitzpatrickEmma FitzpatrickAmanda
Yvette YatesYvette YatesZabeth
Justin WareJustin WareAndrew
Marshall GivensMarshall GivensFrank
David F. ParkDavid F. ParkDave
Neil W. GarguiloNeil W. GarguiloMike
Parvesh CheenaParvesh CheenaJack the Intern
Zabeth RussellZabeth RussellElaine
Sean CowhigSean CowhigJanitor
Patricia RaePatricia RaeSofia
Brian James O'ConnellBrian James O’ConnellMail Room Boy

More Details:

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 22 January 2015 (USA)

Production Co: Fortress Features,MTY Productions