Bone Tomahawk Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Bone Tomahawk Movie

Bone Tomahawk is a 2015 American Western horror film directed, written and co-scored by S. Craig Zahler in his feature film directorial debut, and stars Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons, Evan Jonigkeit, David Arquette and Sid Haig. Here in this place, we will provide the details of Bone Tomahawk Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 2015
Genre: Cannibal
Director: S. Craig Zahler
Screenwriter: S. Craig Zahler

Bone Tomahawk (2015) Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Rowan= 8 / 10;
Ellis= 7 / 10;
Ryan= 8 / 10;


Unknowingly to the old west town of Bright Hope, a drifter was followed by a gang of native cannibals who abduct a group of townspeople. The sheriff guides a band of misfits that includes his elderly deputy, a hobbled rancher, and a sharpshooter, to the location of where the tribe is said to live.


With little marketing towards this odd niche movie, a low-budget throwaway was all but really expected. Instead, Bone Tomahawk turned out to be stylish, fresh and with great character development, something along the lines of a Quentin Tarantino cult hit. S Craig Zahler wrote and directed this film though, striking gold on his first piece of work in the industry. Even with his debut film, it’s easy to see that the script was fantastic by the number of prevalent actors committing to this hard film to sell. Thereee wasn’t a single bad performance from the cast, which includes the likes of Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, Matthew Fox and David Arquette. All the actors displayed their character perfectly, having extremely defined characteristics and unique personalities.

Bone Tomahawk will probably never get the credit it deserves because of how difficult it is to find a sizeable audience into a western horror flick. That’s a shame because the movie is incredibly tactful and tense, with all the pieces needed to be great. Some may say the run-time is too long or the watch too much of a slow-burn, which is arguably true, but it definitely shouldn’t be a deal breaker on a review. The only complaint is the questionable ending, which could have been tied up better. Other than that, it really felt like the viewers were in the time period and a part of the savagery provided by Bone Tomahawk.

Bone Tomahawk (2015) Cast:

Kurt RussellKurt RussellSheriff Hunt
Patrick WilsonPatrick WilsonArthur
Matthew FoxMatthew FoxBrooder
Richard JenkinsRichard JenkinsChicory
Lili SimmonsLili SimmonsSamantha
Evan JonigkeitEvan JonigkeitDeputy Nick
David ArquetteDavid ArquettePurvis
Fred MelamedFred MelamedClarence
Sid HaigSid HaigBuddy
Maestro HarrellMaestro HarrellGizzard
James TolkanJames TolkanPianist
Kathryn MorrisKathryn MorrisLorna Hunt
Zahn McClarnonZahn McClarnonThe Professor
Michael EmeryMichael EmeryRedheaded Fellow
Jeremy TardyJeremy TardyBuford
Michael ParéMichael ParéMr. Wallington (as Michael Pare)
Sean YoungSean YoungMrs. Porter
Jamison NewlanderJamison NewlanderThe Mayor
Erick ChavarriaErick ChavarriaRamiro
Omar LeyvaOmar LeyvaGuapo
David MidthunderDavid MidthunderMisshapen Troglodyte
Raw LeibaRaw LeibaWolf Skull
Geno SegersGeno SegersBoar Tusks
Alex MerazAlex MerazEagle Skulls
Robert Allen MukesRobert Allen MukesSentinel (as Robert Mukes)
Brandon MolaleBrandon MolaleNoseless Troglodyte
Eddie SpearsEddie SpearsSerrated Tomahawk
Jay TavareJay TavareSharp Teeth
Gray Wolf HerraraGray Wolf HerraraQuiet Stalker (as Anthony ‘Gray Wolf’ Herrara)
Benjamin WoodruffBenjamin WoodruffYoung Troglodyte (as Benjamin ‘Blake’ Woodruff)
Mario PerezMario PerezMexican Man
Susie CastanedaSusie CastanedaPregnant Troglodyte A
Marem HasslerMarem HasslerPregnant Troglodyte B


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