American Horror Story Freak Show After Show

American Horror Story Freak Show After Show
American Horror Story Freak Show After Show

 Freak Show After Show Rating:

  • Eloise = 6 / 10;
  • Raoul = 7.5 / 10;

American Horror Story Freak Show After Show Synopsis:

A freak circus and its innocent performers becomes the prey of choice for many wrongdoers including a serial killer clown, a rich family boy and a couple of ruthless scammers.

Freak Show After American Horror Story Review:

As the title suggest, this forth Season of American Horror Story takes the audience to the freak show, something that gives the series a chance to populate its story with a myriad of splendid human oddities. Some of them are real-life deformed actors, while others are the usual series actors transformed with great make-up work or well made CGI as in the case of the two-headed sisters.

The series is largely inspired from the 1932’s classic Freaks, to which the series pays tribute to in many occasion, including a faithful reproduction of the infamous final scene in episode 12.

Whereas the characters design are the strength of Season 4, the story in itself is probably its biggest drawback. Maybe not as “soap-opera” as the third season was, Freak Show nevertheless fails at raising much interest until before the very last episodes. Let’s face it, the five first episodes are even really boring. Fortunately, the last 3 or 4 episodes are really uplifting the all series. I advise fans to keep watching before judging the series, because it truly deserves to be seen as a whole.

The actors are the same bunch as usual, with a few interesting additions such as Finn Wittrock, Michael Chiklis and of course Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother). As for the main cast, Kathy Bathes, Angela Basset and Jessica Lange still form a formidable trio of actress, even though the character of Lange in is here way too similar to the one she played in the other series, making the overall franchise quite redundant.

Many times the series manages to be touching – especially a full episode centered around Pepper the Pinhead that should make you cry your eyes out. The violence and horror is there too, maybe not so much in the season’s first half, but it builds up quite well until the crazy ending! Still not as good as the first two seasons though…

Freak Show After American Horror Cast:


Credited cast:
Xavier BrinkmanXavier Brinkman Himself – Host
Ashley MovaAshley Mova Herself – Host


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