How to Write a Horror Movie Review

Best Horror Films
Best Horror Films

Each film deserves the attention of critics, and it doesn’t matter at all whether it is a masterpiece or completely mediocre work. A competent review should inform and contain an outstanding opinion. Thanks to our recommendations, you will learn how to analyze movies and write intriguing reviews as true film review masters. Below, In this article, you can find the details about How to Write a Horror Movie Review.

Watch the Movie and Take Notes

The film should be watched entirely first, with no pauses, and later part by part. If you interrupt the viewing, then you risk missing the emotions that the creators put into the film. You need to focus on the film to make a good analysis. Write in a notebook several general observations in the process of viewing. Do not pause the movie. Details that should be written down: the main plot twists; important or duplicate lines; the most remarkable shots. If you from the very beginning don’t have time to watch a movie at least two times, it is better to save time and effort and order a horror movie review from a professional writing service like WriteMyPaperHub – your paper will be written by highly skilled academic writers.  

Find Information about the Director and Film Making

Consider the personality of the director and his ways of depicting the events around which the plot is built. If you know his other works, you can analyze the films and choose which one is the best. Explore the history of the film, to gain a deeper understanding of its essence and certain aspects. Are there any legends about making a movie? For example, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) is shrouded in many urban legends. Even if they are invented, they can tell a lot about riddles or film fans. Or maybe the film is based on real events, fiction, or combines both options? For example, the plot of the film «The Hills Have Eyes» by Wes Craven is inspired by the story of Alexander Bean and his family, who lived in the 15th century in Scotland.

Formulate a Thesis and State the Plot

What unusual thoughts come to your mind after carefully studying the film? Make a thesis, a kind of central idea for discussion, which should be supported by observations on various aspects of the picture. Summarize the story: outline the main actors, the scene, and the central conflict or initial conditions. The reviewer should not break the main rule: never disclose the plot details. After all, horror movies are based on the fear of the unknown, so do not spoil the viewer’s pleasure from watching!


Evaluate the script, dialogues, and characters. How did you manage to create a frightening atmosphere in the film? Did the plot seem inventive enough and unpredictable or dull and weak? In a horror film, the plot does not have to be original, but the scenery, music, and characters must be well crafted. Notice, how sounds the replica of the characters – naturally or improbable? Quotes from the dialogues will be a good illustrative material. The reader will be able to feel the atmosphere of the film and understand your point of view.

Characters and Acting

How realistic are the characters in the movie? It is necessary to evaluate how much the actor’s game allowed you to believe that such a person or creature could really exist. Most horror films are unique due to their villains. For example, in the film «A Nightmare on Elm Street», the main character Freddy Krueger is associated with a ruthless monster, who is considered the most recognizable character implemented in this genre. Also, pay attention to the actors in the frame. If the actor does not allow you to distract for a second, then he copes well with his task.

Be Objective

The most important requirement for review is objectivity. Saying in the spirit of «I do not like» is difficult to call an argument, right? The opinion must be supported by facts, evidence-based reasoning, otherwise, you will create feedback, not a review. The primary objective of the review is not just to interest the audience. Her goal is to describe the general state of affairs. The audience itself will determine its preferences.

Re-read the Review and Make Changes

When the draft is ready, reread the text to assess the level of wording and the structure of the review. Edit the text once or twice to give it a final look. Make sure you spell the names of all the actors correctly and check all the dates. Correct typos, grammar, and spelling errors. A competent review without errors will show the level of your professionalism.