Always Watching (2015)

Always Watching

Always Watching 2015 Movie Details

Release Date2015
GenreFound Footage, Ghost & Spirit
DirectorJames Moran
ScreenwriterIan Shorr, Joseph DeLage, Troy Wagner, Victor Surge
RatingEllis = 6 / 10; Chris = 6 / 10;


Always Watching Synopsis:

Three journalists discover a box of tapes in the basement of a house whose family has mysteriously disappeared. As they watch these tapes, a strange man starts to appear on their footage.

Always Watching Movie Review:

Considering the success of Slenderman’s stories over the internet these years, I am surprised that it took this long for someone to actually come up with a movie about it. Well anyway, here it is now, and I bet it won’t be the last one. Always Watching (aka The Operator) is a found footage movie that follows a documenting crew as they discover a series of tapes from a missing family.

As the story evolves, the audience gets to discover both the missing family’s story and what happens to the documentary crew. The concept of “The Operator” himself is pretty much the same as Slenderman, basically that you can only see him through a camera and that he marks people with his weird symbol and make them go crazy.

The movie also added some sort of a curse twist to the story, pretty much as in The Ring. The movie is far from perfect. The found footage aspect, for example, is a little bit too invasive and shaky at times – but I guess it was compulsory to shoot the movie this way because of the story concept. Always Watching also has its moments and sometimes it is really slow and overall feels too lengthy.

Fortunately, the scenes where the Operator creeps around the characters are really scary and really compensates for the bad aspects of the movie. In many ways and because of the inevitability of the ghost coming towards its victims, this movie resembles It Follows, without reaching as far in terms of the atmosphere of course. Still, this movie has some good scary potential if you manage to get into it.

Overall I had a fairly good time watching this flick, and I must say I watched behind my back a couple of times. I would happily recommend it to ghost story lovers and horror fans that are not too critical. If you disliked It Follows (for some reasons that I would probably fail to understand), don’t try this one – and vice-versa.

Always Watching Movie Cast:

Alexandra BreckenridgeSara
Chris MarquetteMilo Burns
Jake McDormanCharlie MacNeel
Doug JonesThe Operator
Michael BuninDan Wittlocke
Alexandra HoldenRose Wittlocke
Morgan BastinTara Wittlocke (as Morgan E. Bastin)
Elizabeth PayneBarbara Sellers
Damon GuptonLeonard Herring
Tim SeitterDean
Mark Christopher LawrenceGary Rockwell
Rick OttoSheriff Lee Dylan
David PevsnerKyle
Kathryn GordonMakaela
Cynthia MurellMary – Dancing Girl

More Details:

Releasing Country USA
Releasing Language English
Release Date 7 April 2015
Film Locations Los Angeles, California, USA



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