Are You Here (2015)

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Are you here

Release Date2015
Genre Ghost & Spirit
Director Jil Wong Pak-Kei
Screenwriter Patrick Kong Pak-Leung

Are You Here Movie House of Horrors Rating:

Ellis = 6.5 / 10; Chris =5 / 10;

Are You Here Synopsis:

A team of phone apps developer on the verge of bankrupt accepts the proposition of a mysterious woman to work on dangerous Ouija apps against a large sum of money.

Are You Here Movie Review:

Hong Kong cinema is gradually becoming a more and more important player on the Asian horror movie scene, for the best. After the brilliant Dream Home and the recent masterpiece Rigor Mortis, it is with great expectations that my wife and I (living in HK at the moment) headed to the cinema to discover Are You Here, a local ghost movie in the vein of these Japanese revenge ghost story such as The Grudge or The Ring. Well, my first impression coming out of the cinema was that Are You Here maybe tried too hard to replicate these Japanese ghost horror films, at the expense of trying doing something unique.


The story is really generic and extremely cliché, including an Ouija phone application that causes its developer to see ghosts. Thereee are a few honorable attempts to add twists to the scenario, but the absence of originality still remains one of the movie’s main drawback. The very colorful characters, however, compensate well for this. The acting is excellent, featuring a lot of very charismatic faces. The characters are credible, all with their flaws and strength, but also very human. Because of the focus on them instead of the horror aspect, the movie ends up feeling more like a dramatic comedy with a horror theme rather than a proper ghost story.

This doesn’t mean that it is not scary, and there are a couple of creepy moments and I caught many people in the theatres hiding their faces during the climax. It is just maybe a little weak if you are a die-hard horror fan. Overall that movies is a nice little piece of entertainment. Not a masterpiece of originality, but a good watch nevertheless… if you ever get the chance to lay your hands on that movie one day



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