a nightmare on elm street (2010)

a nightmare on elm street (2010)

a nightmare on elm street (2010)Rating:

  • Dylan = 5 / 10;
  • Eloise = 7 / 10;
  • Raoul = 8.5 / 10;
  • Andrew = 5 / 10.

a nightmare on elm street (2010) Synopsis:

Freddy Krueger, once an infamous child killer, became upon his death a demoniac entity that can attack his victims in their dreams.

a nightmare on elm street (2010) Review:

Going to see that modern remake of the original Nightmare, one part of me was really excited/curious, but the other part was pretty sure that it would be rubbish. To my good surprise, this remake was not bad at all.

The character of Freddy was a bit modified, but in a good way. Goodbye the funny Freddy Krueger with all its plays of word. This new Freddy is brutal and, let’s face it, scarier than the original (at least to modern viewers).

While keeping the concept intact, the story is different from the original film. It is actually a blend of the first movies two or three films from the Nightmare series. Fans of the series won’t be lost there. Another good point is the breathtaking visual of the movie, the great make up and the specials effects renders a very polished finish and some very scary scenes.

In the end, I was overwhelmed by that movie. I recommend it to every Freddy Krueger’s fan. To those who haven’t seen it yet, I advise you to watch the very good trailer below.

a nightmare on elm street (2010) Cast:

Jackie Earle HaleyJackie Earle HaleyFreddy Krueger
Kyle GallnerKyle GallnerQuentin Smith
Rooney MaraRooney MaraNancy Holbrook
Katie CassidyKatie CassidyKris Fowles
Thomas DekkerThomas DekkerJesse Braun
Kellan LutzKellan LutzDean Russell
Clancy BrownClancy BrownAlan Smith
Connie BrittonConnie BrittonDr. Gwen Holbrook
Lia D. MortensenLia D. MortensenNora Fowles (as Lia Mortensen)
Julianna DammJulianna DammLittle Kris
Christian StolteChristian StolteJesse’s Father
Katie Schooping KnightKatie Schooping KnightCreepy Girl #1
Hailey Schooping KnightHailey Schooping KnightCreepy Girl #2
Leah UtegLeah UtegCreepy Girl #3
Don Robert CassDon Robert CassHistory Teacher


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