7 Holiday Horror Films To Watch This Month

7 Holiday Horror Films

Some people love cuddling up with hot cocoa and Hallmark movies, but some people stay true to their love of horror movies all year long! There’s something about horror movies over the holiday season that makes it much more exciting. While everyone else is watching those same old holiday flicks, you’re spicing things up with some classic holiday horror movies. If you’re ready to dive in, but you’re fresh out of ideas, we’ve got some holiday horror films to add to the watchlist this month.


This movie starts as unsuspecting as any other holiday film. All the family comes in town, gathering for the holidays. A few of them are annoyed, and a few of them are indifferent—until some strange things start happening. It’s one of those movies that you think will be fine for the younger kids in the family to watch, and it is, for the most part, until you factor in some of the grotesque holiday creatures that terrorize the house.

The main character, Max, is a young kid who has lost the spirit of Christmas. This loss of faith unleashes an evil the whole family will have to survive. This “evil” stems from a European Folklore that the grandmother warns the family about, Krampus. Krampus is said to be the evil twin of Santa who punishes naughty children and the ones who lose faith.


If you’re looking for a longer film that looks at the darker side of the holidays, this is it. Deathcember is a collection of 24 different stories directed by a variety of international directors. The film’s overarching motif revolves around the advent calendar, with short animated segments linking them all together. In fact, it’s the first film ever produced inspired by the advent calendar. This two-hour film takes you on a journey through the whole month of December—each day with its own grueling, anxiety-inducing plot.


This is a creepy anthology that challenges your traditional holiday assumptions and values you grew up with. It touches on all of your favorite holidays and puts a thrilling twist on them—Christmas too. It’s a mix of horror, fantasy, and mystery that you have to turn on while munching on some gingerbread cookies.

They say you should always challenge all the things you’ve been told about the holidays, this film elaborates on that sentiment.

A Christmas Horror Story

If you’re tired of watching The Christmas Story, then why not switch it up with A Christmas Horror Story? In this film, you’ll get a little bit of everything—Santa, zombie elves, and a huge monster causing trouble over the holidays. This movie is broken up into four different parts, but the horror keeps running all the way throughout.

Black Christmas

The name already makes you feel some kind of way. Black Christmas? What’s going to happen? It starts with a group of college students headed home for the holidays, but things take a turn for the worst before they can get off-campus. There’s a random hooded man following them across campus, leaving a bloody trail behind. Riley and her friends refuse to give in to this masked killer and do everything in their power to fight back and make it through the holidays.

This film is relatively new. It came out last year but didn’t do as well as many expected. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of being front and center for a holiday movie night. Sometimes, the worst movies are the best ones—if you know what we mean?

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Final Thoughts 

The holidays are great for more reasons than we can express. It’s one of the best feelings indulging in a tradition you and your loved ones created for yourselves (like watching holiday horror films). There are tons of holiday horror films out there, some dating back a bit. If holiday horror films have never been your “thing” in the past, it may be time to try something new! The only thing we want to know now is which movie you will start with first?