The Magic of Horror film festival may have been postponed, but they found a way to announce the award winners on time!
The Magic of Horror celebrates all kinds of films, screenplays, and art in the horror genre. Creepy creatures, psychological thrillers, gothic tales, supernatural terrors, or even good old-fashioned slashers, we think they all have the magic to scare the pants off of genre fans!
The Magic of Horror, a genre film festival that takes place in Richmond, Virginia, decided to honor all of its Finalists by premiering an awards ceremony video on September 20, 2020 – at the same time that the awards were scheduled to be announced at the live event.
Selected films and trailers will be competing against each other with live screenings at our event at the historic Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. Attending filmmakers will be invited to participate in a Q&A session at the end of their film, trailer, or music video’s screening block.

Movie posters, horror artwork, and specialty contest photographs will also be viewed by the audience in-between film blocks.

The Best Film award went to “Jac Kessler’s Popsy”. This film, based on a short story by Stephen King, stars Alex Dunning. Nadia Fancher, and Ted Raimi.
Seventeen awards were virtually handed out during the 47-minute video, accompanied by short film clips and messages from many of the Finalists.
The video is available at
Other award-winners include “Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Cities” starring Traci Lords, “The Funhouse Waltz” directed and composed by Carvin Knowles, and “The Killer of Grassy Ridge” which was the debut film for director Johnny K.
The Magic of Horror festival was postponed due to COVID-19 concerns and is tentatively scheduled for November 13-14, 2021. All of the 2020 Finalists will be screened on the first day of the festival.
Submissions are now open for the 2021 season. While they are optimistic about resuming live events in the fall of next year, the festival organizers plan to continue producing an online version of the award show to accompany future events in order to further promote the finalists.
The Magic of Horror is a genre festival that was founded by Lowrie Fawley and Shiva Rodriguez in 2016. The festival is produced by Rogue Chimera Films, LLC.
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