How to Have the Best Movie Night 

Who wouldn’t love the perfect movie night with some loved ones?! Whether you indulge in some feel-good classics or watch one of the best pieces of art created in history, everyone can spend time sitting with each other before diving into a passionate discussion at the end of the final scene. Oh, and did we mention the goodies? Sometimes you can’t even tell if you’re drooling over the snacks or your favorite actor!

How to Have the Best Movie Night 

Flicks with the family are standard operating procedure, but if you plan to host guests for a cinematic experience, you should put a little more effort in. Here are some words of wisdom on how to plan the best movie night your friends have ever experienced!

  • Choose the film carefully

Of course, the most important part of the entire night will be the movie itself—after all, it is a “movie” night! Before selecting the motion picture of the hour, think hard about what the whole group would enjoy.

First things first, you need to take care of the audience. If you’re planning a movie night in the man cave, you could go with the movie “War”, but anything packed with action will work. On the contrary, a romantic comedy is probably a better choice for a ladies’ night. Will kids be in attendance? If so, you should shy away from scary movies like “The Shining” so the don’t have nightmares throughout the following week.

As long as there are no age requirements, any genre is fine. Will you go for something you’ve seen before that you know is a magnum opus, or take a chance on something new? The choice is up to you, but don’t put too much pressure on making the perfect pick; there’s something to be said about a healthy debate between two camps of people who either loved it or hated it!

  • Have a second option on deck

Everyone has their own unique taste and accommodating all your guests might prove rather tricky. If you truly aim to please, it’s a good idea to have a backup ready in case the crowd protests against your favorite choice. You shouldn’t let that hurt your feelings or put a damper on the evening, but if you want to ensure that no one is disappointed, take a poll as the date draws near.

Hey, your movie night might be such a blast that everyone wants to stay for round two!

  • Test the technology ahead of time

How will you deliver the viewing experience to your guests? Unless you enjoy sitting through commercials, you should probably avoid watch movies on cable and stick with streaming services on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. If you don’t have a smart TV, cast your screen via HDMI cord, but make sure the connection works ahead of time for a smooth, streamlined event (the same thing applies to those dusty cords leading from your old DVD player to the TV input).

Remember, sound quality is super important if you want everyone to feel like they’re at an actual movie theater. The Sonos home sound system is the best money can buy, but you should be fine as long as your speakers can deliver plenty of heart-pounding bass.

  • Get the popcorn ready

Cliche, we know. But everyone loves it and everyone’s expecting it, so stock up on more than enough Orville Redenbacher to last throughout the entire show. Don’t stop there, though! You’ll also need to supply the soda and the sweets, and what about your friends who follow a plant-based diet? They won’t be able to snack on those Oreos like everyone else, so pick up some vegan, all-natural CBD gummies to make them feel right at home.

  • Keep it comfy

Movie nights are supposed to be relaxed and cozy; if you don’t have any luxe recliners, you could always get some extra pillows and blankets to keep everyone comfortable. The last thing you want is an early departure due to a stiff back in a folding chair.

And, Cut!

Time it everything perfectly so that you and the crew can talk about the movie after the final scene. You might want to make mental notes on your favorite parts to help get the conversation rolling.

Let’s not forget the most important element of all: remember to enjoy yourself while hosting the event!