Analyzing the Growth of Horror-Themed Gaming Crossovers

Analyzing the Growth of Horror-Themed Gaming Crossovers
Growth of Horror-Themed Gaming Crossovers

Over the years, the film industry hasn’t been short of edge-of-your-seat horror releases. Through invoking emotion, the genre can captivate audiences like few other movie categories. Following the success of fear-inducing developments, their mainstream popularity has provided a platform for them to cross over into other entertainment streams. In turn, this contributed to the creation of gaming remakes of popular films. So, let’s take a look at some of the video game releases that are based on highly-rated horror movies. Here, you can find the details about Analyzing the growth of Horror-Themed gaming crossovers.

From Movies to Gaming, the Genre is Versatile 

In May 1980, Sean Cunningham directed the first title in the Friday the 13th franchise. Since coming to fruition 40 years ago, the films have gone from strength to strength, including being the inspiration behind Friday the 13th: The Game. The survival horror game features both single and multiplayer modes, with players alternating control of Jason Voorhees, the franchise’s well-known antagonist. Regarding in-game detail, Gun Media replicates many of the movies’ features, including Camp Crystal Lake. Interestingly, the Ultimate Slasher edition delivers even more nostalgia, as it allows players to claim an authentic replica Jason Mask from Friday the 13th Part III.

Along with gaming crossovers of Friday the 13th, The Blair Witch Project has also inspired the creation of numerous video games. Upon hitting the big screens in 1999, the supernatural horror film’s release went hand-in-hand with the development of a gaming trilogy. However, 20 years on, the award-winning series has returned to the gaming market following the creation of Bloober Team’s Blair Witch. The single-player survival horror game was playable across numerous consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players control the franchise’s protagonist, Ellis Lynch, in the search for a missing boy.

The Film Industry has Long Impacted Gaming Trends 

Recently, there have been discussions surrounding the influence of films on the production of video games. However, based on the above, few can argue that films aren’t influencing the outlook of other entertainment streams. A primary example of how the movie industry has impacted gaming revolves around the widespread implementation of cutscenes. As per Springer, the animated concept is typically used to develop cinematic narratives within video games. In turn, this allows for in-game personalities and stories to shine through, thus giving a title much-needed depth.

Analyzing the Growth of Horror-Themed Gaming

On the subject of depth, various film genres have been pivotal in enhancing the diversity of gaming markets and themes. Bollywood, which is the globe’s largest film industry and – also happens to have a successful horror subgenre, has recently crossed over into the world of online casinos, for example. Fundamentally, slots inspired by the film industry have become increasingly common, and there are several reasons why Indian players love Bollywood-themed slots. Given the industry’s leading role in Indian film creation, it’s hardly surprising that developers like NetEnt have focused their attention on the ever-popular sector. Through using well-known Bollywood stars, including Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif, slot designers cater to the demands of Indian players and allow them to enter Bollywood virtually.

A Growing Relationship  

As evident from the above, it’s clear to see that horror films are enjoying a fruitful crossover period within the gaming market. Because of their current relationship, the two industries are likely to continue intertwining their developments to cater to consumer demands. As such, the impact of horror movies could significantly grow in the coming years.