The Best Horror Movie Nerve-Fraying Aquatic Nightmare ‘Underwater’ – Cast & Crew, Synopsis

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Underwater Horror Movie

Underwater is the best upcoming horror movie. This directed by William Eubank (2014’s The Signal) and cinematographer Bojan Bazelli (Pumpkinhead, A Cure for Wellness) bring incredible style to a film that could’ve easily just relied on the stellar sound and production design to handle the heavy lifting. Underwater, has all of those ingredients, and their presence was just enough to keep me entertained through a fundamentally silly 95 minutes at the theater.

Underwater Cast & Crew:

Kristen Stewart as Norah Price.
Vincent Cassel as Captain Lucien.
T.J. Miller as Paul.
Jessica Henwick as Emily Haversham.
John Gallagher Jr. as Liam Smith.
Mamoudou Athie as Rodrigo.
Gunner Wright as Lee.

Underwater Synopsis:

the first trailers and the plot synopsis, Underwater looked and sounded like Alien and the slew of copycats that followed in its wake, particularly of the deep sea variety. We’ve been down this road so many times before; man decides to explore the furthest reaches of the universe and receives horrific punishment for his hubris in the form of a deadly monstrosity. From the opening moments of Underwater, though, it quickly becomes apparent that the trailers gave very little away at all. While it does weave its narrative from stitched together pieces of similar genre fare, the film aims for big spectacle horror with unwavering intensity, inventive situations to put its characters through the wringer, and endless chilling surprises at the dark depths of the sea.

Underwater Trailer:

Underwater wastes no time at all cutting right to the action. News clippings and headlines shown over the opening credits reveal everything you need to know- that humans have amassed the technology to drill into the Mariana Trench and set up sprawling facilities over it- before diving right into the deep end. That’s the only exposition you get before you meet Norah (Kristen Stewart), one of the station’s mechanical engineers enjoying the solitude while brushing her teeth. Then an earthquake hits, creating catastrophic devastation to the facility that sends Norah running for her sea life. What few remaining survivors there are must walk two miles across the ocean floor in diving suits to reach another outpost for escape pods.

Underwater is a grand spectacle film that feels tailored specifically for the horror fan, one that doesn’t bother with pretension and dives straight into the horror.

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