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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Torrent websites can be a real issue when it comes to protecting the online world from Piracy. Thereee is a huge availability of paid digital content on these torrent sites and those are not limited to single industries. Entertainment, IT, Gaming & multiple other industries get impacted every day because of this. In this article let’s talk about TamilMV, a torrent website that mostly affects the Movie industry.

TamilMV website is illegal

TamilMV is a pretty popular name when it comes to leaking newly released movies, online. Some of you may even have downloaded torrents from there. But, many of you probably didn’t know that TamilMV is illegal.

By proving content which they have no rights of what so ever, they are violating the Copyright law of India. Their website keeps getting banned but, they keep coming back with a different domain name (URL). Also, some clone websites are doing the same thing.

What kind of content does TamilMV have?

Well, there is a vast library on content available in TamilMV. If I try to mention everything here, it won’t be possible. But, here’s a list that mentions the major categories. have a look,

The movies on TamilMV even have a variety of video resolutions. From lower-res video files, they offer up to 1080P once available. They also offer both normal & magnet torrent links.

TamilMV’s effect on the movie industry

TamilMV effects the movie industry of just not India but, also the US. Once a movie gets leaked within a few days of its release on TamilMV or sites similar to it, the makers of the movie go through a massive profit downfall.

What happens is that, when people are able to download the movie online, they don’t bother to visit the theaters anymore. This lowers the number of ticket sales & causes major damage to the box office numbers of that movie. Ultimately all of this leads to less income which affects the production houses & employees working for them.

They also leak popular web series from India & outside. Which ends up causing damage to the streaming services as well.

Still downloading Pirated movies? It’s completely illegal!

The government takes major steps against online piracy, from time to time. This includes banning piracy websites & sometimes even arresting the owner. But, it’s not just them who are under the red marker. If you download pirated movies, you’ll need to face big trouble when you get caught.

  • You can find yourself in Jail for several months to several years.
  • You may need to pay a huge amount of money as a penalty (Fine).

So, if you want to stay away from these consequences, you need to stop downloading pirated content from TamilMV or anywhere else.

Let’s stop piracy once and for all

Piracy is spreading on the internet like cancer. As people downloading pirated content is what’s been feeding that cancer, all this time. So, if we stop downloading pirated content, that cancer will be dead by starving & the Piracy will lose its purpose to exist. That’ll give us a cleaner internet and a better & more responsible society.

So, stop downloading pirated content & educate your loved ones about piracy.  This will keep them safe from the consequences alongside you as well and it’ll give us a cleaner & better internet.