Scream 4 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Scream 4 Movie

Scream is an American meta-horror media franchise created by Kevin Williamson and Wes. Eleven years after the previous film, Scream 4 was released on April 15, 2011. The films follow Sidney Prescott. Here we will provide the Details of Scream 4 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

  • Release Date:  2014
  • Genre:  Slasher
  • Director:  Wes Craven
  • Screenwriter:  Kevin Williamson

Scream 4 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

  • Drew = 7 / 10;
  • Dylan = 8 / 10;
  • Raoul = 6.5 / 10;
  • Eloise = 6 / 10;


Ten years after Scream 3, Sib, Gale, and Dewey are reunited once more for the final act of the Woodsboro murders story.


after how bad the third movie was, I really wasn’t expecting anything but crap out of this fourth chapter. Thankfully for all of us, I turned out to be wrong, Scream 4 is a great movie and, to me, simply the best of all three Scream sequels. The great thing with these sequels is that they have enough budget to stick with the same actors (and director) since the beginning, therefore creating a great feeling of continuity throughout the franchise. Watching a new Scream movie after all these years will certainly make some nostalgic.

The scenario in this one is best described by the movie line: “this times, he makes the movie”. A new killer, a new set of potential suspects, and a lot of gory kills. Despite being the fourth time the story is repeated, there is a real will to innovate here. The story is creative enough and manage to respect the original movie while doing a decent job at being unpredictable. I especially liked how it reuses common horror clichés, such as “the killer appear in the door front”, “killer appear in the victim’s back” and twisted them to surprise the audience.

The bunch of new actors is also very good, including many rising stars from our favorite TV series such as Emma Roberts (American Horror Story) Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Anna Paquin (True Blood).

To me, Scream 4 is one of the sole proof (and hence very important) that even a fourth sequel can be great if it is made by talented people who actually care.

Scream 4 (2014) Cast:

Lucy HaleLucy HaleSherrie
Roger JacksonRoger JacksonThe Voice (voice)
Shenae Grimes-BeechShenae Grimes-BeechTrudie (as Shenae Grimes)
Dane FarwellDane FarwellGhostface
Anna PaquinAnna PaquinRachel
Kristen BellKristen BellChloe
Aimee TeegardenAimee TeegardenJenny Randall
Britt RobertsonBritt RobertsonMarnie Cooper (as Brittany Robertson)
Neve CampbellNeve CampbellSidney Prescott
Alison BrieAlison BrieRebecca Walters
David ArquetteDavid ArquetteDewey Riley
Courteney CoxCourteney CoxGale Weathers-Riley
Hayden PanettiereHayden PanettiereKirby Reed
Emma RobertsEmma RobertsJill Roberts
Marielle JaffeMarielle JaffeOlivia Morris


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