Rogue Full Movie Rating, Synopsis, And Review

Rogue is a 2007 Australian independent horror film about a group of tourists in Australia who fall prey to a giant, man-eating crocodile. It stars Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, and Sam Worthington, and was directed, written, and produced by Greg McLean Below in this article you can find the details about Rogue Full Movie Details.

Rogue (2007)Rating:

  • Dylan = 8 / 10;
  • Eloise = 5 / 10;
  • Raoul = 5 / 10;

Rogue (2007) Synopsis:

A group of tourists on a river boat cruise responds to a distress call but instead find themselves trapped on the territory of a giant man-eating crocodile.A handful of tourists looking for adventure get more than they bargained for when they cross paths with a massive man-eating beast in this thriller. Pete McKell (Michael Vartan) is a writer for an American travel magazine who has been assigned to write a story about vacationing in rugged Northern Australia. Pete signs up for a cruise along a river that’s home to a large crocodile population, with tough but pretty Kate Ryan (Radha Mitchell) serving as guide.

Rogue (2007) Review:

I usually found creature movie quite lame, and this one only closely escape to the usual fate. The plot is the basic creature boring plot, namely a “disparate bunch of characters getting trapped somewhere with a human-eater monster lurking around”. However, this movie features a few great ideas (e.g. the tide rising up, the use of the dog, etc) which make it quite amusing to watch. The acting is decent, the actions scenes are good, but there is nothing more to it than lazy entertainment. Better than the average creature movie crap…but still for creature fans only.

Rogue (2007) Cast

Radha MitchellRadha MitchellKate Ryan
Michael VartanMichael VartanPete McKell
Sam WorthingtonSam WorthingtonNeil Kelly
Caroline BrazierCaroline BrazierMary Ellen
Stephen CurryStephen CurrySimon
Celia IrelandCelia IrelandGwen
John JarrattJohn JarrattRussell
Heather MitchellHeather MitchellElizabeth
Geoff MorrellGeoff MorrellAllen
Damien RichardsonDamien RichardsonCollin
Robert TaylorRobert TaylorEverett
Mia WasikowskaMia WasikowskaSherry
Barry OttoBarry OttoMerv
Shaun LonghamShaun LonghamBarfly
Patch 'The Wonder' DogPatch ‘The Wonder’ DogKevin


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