Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Resident Evil: Retribution Movie

Resident Evil: Retribution is a 2012 action horror film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. A direct sequel to Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010), it is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil film series, which is loosely based on the video game series of the same name, and the third to be written and directed by Anderson after the first film and the previous installment. Here in this article, we will introduce the details of Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

  • Release Date:  2012
  • Genre:  Virus
  • Director:  Paul W.S. Anderson
  • Screenwriter:  Paul W.S. Anderson

Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

  • Dylan = 7 / 10;
  • Eloise = 8 / 10;
  • Raoul = 7 / 10;
  • Simina = 3.5 / 10


Picking up the action exactly where the fourth movie left it, Alice is captured and taken to a mysterious Umbrella Corporation facility. Thereee, she allies with characters from the previous movies and rages war against the corporation.


I’m guessing that those who watched the saga until the fifth movie are not watching it for the plot but indeed for the awesome action scene and the hot chicks…and it is certainly not this movie that will disappoint them! It is as if Anderson basically decided to give up the idea of a scenario, which is here just an unbelievably ridiculous pretext for all the action scenes, and decided to base everything on the breathtaking action instead. For me, this works ok, the movie is visually impeccable, probably some of the best CGI ever seen. The soundtrack is just mind-blowing! The use of dubstep music for horror/action is increasingly popular these days, and works perfectly with this movie. Sometimes there is nothing happening and the music just pop out loud and gets you all excited! In the vein of Sucker Punch, this definitely a movie that should divide horror fans.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Cast:

Milla JovovichMilla JovovichAlice
Sienna GuillorySienna GuilloryJill Valentine
Michelle RodriguezMichelle RodriguezRain
Aryana EngineerAryana EngineerBecky
Bingbing LiBingbing LiAda Wong
Boris KodjoeBoris KodjoeLuther West
Johann UrbJohann UrbLeon S. Kennedy
Robin KasyanovRobin KasyanovSergei
Kevin DurandKevin DurandBarry Burton
Ofilio PortilloOfilio PortilloTony
Oded FehrOded FehrTodd / Carlos
Colin SalmonColin SalmonOne
Shawn RobertsShawn RobertsAlbert Wesker
Toshio OkiToshio OkiJapanese Policeman
Takato YamashitaTakato YamashitaJapanese Businessman


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