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Kickass Torrents

[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Just like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents (also known as KAT) is another super popular torrent website on the Internet. It also deals with a lot of content across the board & has a huge impact overall. Multiple countries have taken steps against this website already but, let’s discuss this website in detail anyway.

Kickass Torrents is illegal in multiple countries

Starting where we left off, Kickass Torrents is actually illegal in multiple countries & it has been blocked too. But, with the help of new domain names, it comes back within a couple of days.

The website is actually very popular in India as well. But, as it violates the Copyright law of India, it’s not legal in there too. Remember that sites like this have absolutely no legal rights of the content that they distribute on their platform.

The vast content variety of Kickass Torrents

Just like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents also have a lot of content variety on their website. Actually, the major types are pretty similar. Have a look at the list.

The content base of Kickass Torrents isn’t just full of varieties but, the content in those sections is pretty huge too.

The effect of Kickass Torrents over the industries of the world

You’ll expect from one of the major piracy platforms of the internet, the effect on business industries is actually pretty bad. It is affecting thousands of business entities, every single day. That’s pretty gross.

In the IT & Gaming industries, multi-million dollars are getting lost because of paid software & games leaking through piracy every day. For the movie industry, lower ticket sales are being caused by piracy & in the music industry, the same goes for album sales & individual song sales/streams. The bottom line is, these industries are losing a lot of money every single day & that is damaging the financial structure of these businesses.

Do you still download pirated content or products? You can get punished any day!

Downloading pirated content or digital products is a violation of law & punishable offense. So, if you do that, you should stop. If you get caught, the experience won’t be very good for you. Below list includes the possible punishments that you can face.

  • Imprisonment: You may need to spend a good amount of time in prison. This can be from several months from several years.
  • Cash Penalty: In case you don’t get sent to prison, you may need to pay a lot of money as a cash penalty.

We can get rid of Piracy but, only if we work together

Piracy isn’t unstoppable. If everyone boycotts piracy, the piracy websites will become needless & slowly they have to shut down. So, stay away from piracy, ask your loved ones & people you interact with, to do the same. Only by doing this, we’ll recover from this terrible modern-day cancer known as piracy.